Sunday, September 25, 2016

It's Fall Ya'll

 We've brought out the leaves and pumpkin decorations and are welcoming fall around here!  School, football and house showings are in full swing!
Jersey days
 An afternoon at the land helping Pop move a tree . . .

 A glimpse at the future . . .

Pee Wee game . . .

7th grade game . . .

We have been having games on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - Thursdays are usually full football nights - from afterschool til late. . . 
ball boys and pickle juice . . 
Jr. High game . . .

Another Pee Wee . . 

I think Evan has that Pitts stance down . . .
Our first home Pee wee game is always exciting and full of set ups, trash pickup, working gates and concession stand and press box duties - but lots of FUN! (We also had a house showing that morning and had 4 extra kids spend the night! yikes!)  Afterwards we headed to Rogers to meet up with the Daily crew for the reunion . . .Check out the Daily Siblings!

After a week of parent teacher conferences and a little break in the schedule for the big boys teams we were ready for another weekend of football!
Look who's a captain!

I spy brothers on the side line with #13 on the field!  Uncle G came up to NWA and got to see a Pittsboy in action on Saturday morning . . .

I spy an oldest Pittsboy in the pressbox doing his job . . .
We had to get Uncle G suited up in some Cardinal Gear!

We were glad to have Uncle G join the fan club!    Sunday the boys set up their game camera at the land and are currently at Cabela's - it's hunting season and I feel a fever hitting the house! 

Monday, September 5, 2016

Big Week, Big Games, Big Fun

We aren't slowing down . .  it's time for the Jamboree.  That means a full Saturday of football for Kerry, 3 games for each grade . .  this year it's in Pea Ridge.  As usual we had a full house of boys for the night Friday and a full group at the Jamboree . . .

After school we had to get a quick Pittsboy picture for our ad in the High School football program. . . don't they look handsome!
The best thing to mix in with a wild week of boy activities is a sweet little Carolina girl! We've got Avery on Tuesday and Thursday and I get to be a with Queen Bee 2!

We had some fun girl time.  She was such a good, girly, sweetie!  
Kyler's first day to wear his Jersey to school as a 7th grader . .  he's got a pep rally and first game night against Prairie Grove!
 I don't get to take a jersey pic with Jayden - they don't get their Jerseys til they get to school . .  BUT, I've got a High School spy (Kim) who gets me pep rally pictures!

It's game time, ya'll!  7th grade for the win and an announced call out for tackle for our #9!

It's tough having to go back and forth from the concession stand and playing side line football for 4 hours while your brothers play!

It's time for the 9th grade team . . . #5 made some plays, but the Cardinals didn't pull off a win.  It still fun to see our Jayden play.

The game was extended due to a car hitting the transformer - a little mid game break with no lights.  Lots of concession stand action and some extra air time music time for our announcer.

That brings us to Friday . .  battle of highway 62 for High school.  Jayden prepped for his first time in the Bird Cage.  He was suited up and in full force.  Kerry does the telecast in the press box for the High School, Marla and I took a crew of 9th graders after their tailgate and then a crew of 7th graders and Evan to the game.  Somehow we ended up with a crew at the Fair post game until late and a crew of 8 boys spending the night at our house.  It's getting exciting around here, you never know at any given time how many boys are hanging around our house!  
It was a full close out to a full week.  Now, time for a much needed 3 day weekend.  No Hot Springs for us this weekend.  We had a football watching Saturday with a surprise house showing and a relaxing Sunday and Monday with some neighbor pool parties (and plenty of time to catch up on the blog! . . . like a 4 month catch up!)