Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach Bums: Day 1 and 2

I am actually not counting Saturday as a "Beach Bum day" because we spent most of this LONG day in the car! However, when we arrived, we wasted no time hitting the beach and pool around 6!

The boys are lovin' it! Surf, Sand and Pool - we migrate back and forth between pool and beach in 30 minute increments it seems like! The boys got hermit crabs at a souviner store last night -- "pinchy" and "crabby", so alot of the pictures are showing off the new members of the pitts' clan! I think we excell at being beach bums!

Florida or BUST!

The boys and I left for Florida on Friday morning around 7:30 - Kerry had already left the morning before (he had a meeting in Memphis). After alot of loading, sweating and chasing - we were off! First off, was dropping off Coco for Doggie Dude Ranch -- well, she got loose from her leash/collar in the parking of the Clarion (where we met them). I WRANGLED a 55 pound lab down and was covered with mud and dog hair before we ever even got out of Fayetteville! Loose dog, loose frog (in the car!), and a busted bottle on the driveway --- pretty much par for a Pitts' departure! We made it to Carlisle - had a picnic outside, let off some steam, and picked up Morgan and Maddie. Aunt Angie was sad to see her babies go! --don't worry Aunt G--we'll take good care of them! Next stop --- Memphis to pick up the last member (but certainly not least!), Kerry! FLORIDA or BUST!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Truck!

I can't believe I haven't posted about this yet! Actually, it's because I didn't have pictures with all my boys in the truck until now! A few months ago as an early birthday present for Kerry, Dad surprised him at Breaux's by driving up with "the truck" in tow, all the way from Lower Arkansas and running like a gem!

History: This truck was Kerry's Great Grandfather's (Papa Lonnie's) truck. It is a 1966 Chevy. It is running great and Dad added seat belts, so now the boys can ride in safety.

Evan ALWAYS wants to go in the truck. You can't even say the word "truck" without prompting a never ending begging to go, go, go in the truck! The truck goes everywhere - baseball practices, Breaux's, and your regular ole Sunday drive - and Yes the whole Fam. (including CoCo in the back), and "the girl" have piled in for a drive. I think I have only riden in it once - since it's "boys only". I took this picture on Father's Day and Kerry posted it on the "Gartman Clan" facebook page so all the relatives could see that it is still around!

Blackberry Heaven

The boys discovered "blackberry heaven" behind our house. We went back with a bucket and picked berries til we had enough for a cobbler. There are tons of berries and alot of red ones - so I see more picking in our future!

We three Kings . . .

These are the boys' "King" chairs. For some reason they must put their chairs on as many pillows as possible. This is what movie night looks like at our house!

Swim, Bike, Run!

Jayden completed his very first triathlon! We are so very proud of him! The family plus CiCi cheered him on at the Athletic Club on Saturday morning. It was very exciting and Jayden did a great job. CiCi was our official family photographer, but here are a few shots I got of the action. . . just look at him go!

Front Yard Picnic

Why not? Who needs a park! The boys and I spread out in the front yard for a little picnic the other afternoon after some sprinkler time (that would explain the mud on Kyler's face!).

Happy Birthday Evan James!

Evan turned 3! What a great year it has been and he has learned so many things (good and bad) and grown into such a little Pitts boy! Here are some things to remember about this year . . . this has been his "stinker" time - you know the whole "terrible twos"-- but I wouldn't call them terrible at all, just a little cantankuras at times! He likes to do everything all by himself. If you even remotely mention "going" anywhere he is headed to his closet to get his shoes and he is NOT missing out on going anywhere! "I wanna go, I wanna go" his favorite saying this year. Also, likes to pat the couch and say "lax, momma, lax" -- translation: sit down "relax" and let me play with your hair. Can't leave out the HAIR issues: since he was a baby he has liked my hair and I think it is getting worse! He likes to take the end of my hair and rub it on his lips, nose, belly, just about anywhere. As a therapist I have decided that this is perfectly normal and just a comforting, self soothing thing - similar to a pacy-- oh and he also has his BINK- a white (well, used to be) baby blanket that he also uses to self sooth. What can I say -- he's the BABY! What a cutie our Evan is - those dark brown eyes and dark brown hair, he's hard to say no to. As he has been appraching the 3 year mark he has gotten a little fiesty with his brothers - he is no longer the spectator, but will jump right in there and do what needs to be done to get what he wants -- he's a toughy! I can't wait to see what year 4 brings us! Happy Birthday Evan James!

Weekend of Fun!

We took off late on Thursday night after Kyler's game and headed down for some lake living! The kids had a blast and were exhausted and water logged each night! (see the picture of them sleeping like angels!) On Saturday we had a birthday celebration for Evan -- yeah! #3! Mim came all the way from Shreveport for the celebration, as well as Pop, CiCi and Kara and her crew! (more pics on Mom's blog - you know, she's my photographer!) I think Evan enjoyed his party because after we got back to Fayetteville he kept wanting to put his swimsuit on and "go to my party"! It was a great celebration for a great 3 years!

Trophy Time!

Following Kyler's last T-ball game they had a little trophy ceremony. This is Kyler's very first trophy and he couldn't take his eyes of it! He was so proud of his "pure gold trophy". (If you will remember that is how Jayden described his trophy to Kyler- so now he has some gold of his own!) One of the first things he did was go compare it to Jayden's trophy and guess what -- "it's bigger than Jayden's!" Following the game we finsihed up packing and headed to Hot Springs. Kyler found the perfect spot for it in his room and left it behind. Several times throughout the weeked he would say that he loved the condo, but he wanted to go home and see his trophy!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Day of Summer!

Monday, June 1st was our official first day of summer vacation. This is how it went. . .

As many of you know we have the "catch and release" policy in our home. That means that when we catch one of God's great creatures we can keep them for 24 hours (sometimes 48 - depending on my mood) and then release them "back to their family". One exception: there are some "on going" projects that are kept for scientific study. On this particular day this is what we Had:

1 Frog: dug up by CoCo and rightfully called "Houdini" because he can get out of ANY enclosure and be free in the house.

10-20 Tadpoles: These would be ongoing. they are currently residing in my glass vase (that used to house decorative key limes). and were found in the front planter.

1 Turtle: "Saved" by me while jogging. (ever tried to jog holding a large turtle - well it's easier than biking while holding on to a turtle - I've done both!)

5 Crawdads: Caught while exploring "Crawdad Creek" yesterday with Kerry. And aren't they sweet they caught their Mommy one with pink claws!

5 Worms: These would also be ongoing. This is part of Kyler's "Save the Worms" project. Any worm that comes in contact with concrete is "saved" and put in his worm container.

Adventure: When I returned from work( Springdale was still in school so I worked from 9-12 and our Babysitter, Kellye - back from a 2 semester break - is back to keep the kids for the summer) Kyler desperately had to tell me, "you've got to see what happened in your bathroom!" No good can come from that kind of statement! All three boys were in the tub (washing off mud of course) when "somebody pushed Jayden" (hmmm -Kyler maybe?) He shot his long shot water pistol into the air - it hit the light bulb, water+ hot glass = disaster, which, Kyler says "hit in the tub like a bomb", and Kyler burnt 2 fingers trying to pick it up. Jayden was upset and afraid he was going to get in trouble. I'm just glad no one got bonked on the head with a steaming hot exploding, Large, light bulb!

Travel: We all headed to Lincoln for one of Jayden's games. It was a late game and we stopped and ate at a Mexican restaurant on the way home. The boys didn't get to bed until after 9:00!

Animals, Adventure and Fun -- If the first day is any indication of the rest of the summer it's going to be CRAZY!!!

Last Day of School

So sad, Jayden has fininished the 1st grade! Wheh! another school year under our belt - and I am proud to say. . . no suspensions or major disruptions this year (as compared to Kindergarten - you know the pocket knife incident, as well as meeting with the principal on behavior) Progress! Progress!

In the picture Jayden specfically asked me to clarify this on the blog -- He is holding up 2 fingers to represent the 2nd grade (not the peace sign) and he is "running to the 2nd grade".

Jayden Pitts: Marine Biologist

Jayden had Career Day at school. We worked so hard on his poster and it looked great (best in the class I'm sure!). He told Kerry and I that when he is a Marine Biologist in Florida we can stay in his condo when we go on vacation --good to know. He and Kyler also discussed how they would live on seperate islands in Florida (so they don't fight, of course - but can still be close to each other and work together). Good to know they recognize their need for seperation at times!

Jayden got up in front of his class and showed his poster and described his career. Kerry was there to witness and said he did great. His classmates asked alot of questions and he answered them all.

Just Loungin'

Evan in his new chair. He always tries to steal the boys' chairs but now he has his very own!