Monday, September 27, 2010

A Long Day: Cinci Day 2

We started the day off with some relaxation in the room and then headed to the hospital. This pic is of Kyler in the car --thank you Jay-bo for the use of your DSI - it came in handy! Little note to self - next time we are here (and we will be back in 3months probably) we need to figure out this transportation thing-- shuttles are okay to and from specific locations - but we need some food --KYLER SAFE food - and are sooo limited! I really wish I could have jumped in the car at times and gone to get things - I paid 4 bucks for A Popsicle (like ONE) at the hotel -- but boy was it just what he needed! Anyway ---besides being a little bored with all the waiting and being starving he was all good. They brought in some Transformers and the Transformer movie and he was much happier! Then, they came to get some info. from Research and gave him a 30 dollar gift card to Target for answering some questions -- talk about a happy kiddo!

Somehow, this picture was on my phone . . not sure how Kyler did this -- Mr. Techy! He was looking on my iphone as he was wheeled into the surgery room - picking out Transformers on!

Here he is before he went back, surrounded by Transformers.

RESULTS: I had such high hopes for this scope, but the doctor said it looks like everything is still active -- I kept saying, but the biopsies won't be ready until later - and he kept saying, but it looks active and showed me that the cells were thick. Officially, we won't know for sure until Friday. The doc went over the options with me. He feels that we are so invested in the elimination diet that we don't need to give up until we have removed the last 3 things that are common causes -- wheat, fish/seafood and legumes. Those don't sound so bad on their own, but add that to what he is already eliminating: egg, milk, soy, rice, oat, beef, pork, nuts - and you aren't left with much! Oh well, it's nothing we can't do! Corn and Potatoes might become our best friends! I haven't told Kyler any of this, he just knows that we are here to have the pictures taken off his stomach - and I won't tell him anything until we know for sure and have the plan. The dietitian and nurse will be calling me by Friday.

Tomorrow, our plane leaves at 10:45 - with a layover in Dallas - so we should be to Ft. Smith around 2:30 (because of the time difference). I asked Kyler if he likes flying or driving better and he said driving -- so, Pop I guess your shuttle service just can't be beat! Right now we are in bed eating popcorn and watching Toy Story III, a great way to end a long day:)!

Traveling and Fun: Cinci Day 1

Kyler and I headed out on Sunday morning for Cincinnati! Jayden was so sweet and got together his DSI for Kyler to take whith him, then dug through the paper to find the "toy paper" -- when we pulled out of the driveway Kyler said, "whys everone being so nice to me?" - how funny! I think we will be missed!

We now LOVE the Ft. Smith airport! Check out the waiting area at the gate--all wingback chairs! It is a small airport, but very nice and relaxed - a great way to fly!

We had a layover in Dallas and then onto Cincinnati! Kyler and I are one in the same when it comes to traveling - we both go into "travel mode" - we sleep, eat and chilax -- we are great travel partners!

This is the indoor water park at our hotel, CoCo Key Resort ---LOVE IT! Great fun!

By the end of the day I was tired! We oredered pizza and watched TV. Kyler, aka "Mr. Nocturnal" kept finding things to do, like play with his transformers (yes, I had to make room in our CARRY ONS for the Devestator - you know, the biggest transformer EVER!) and then, he wanted to do ALL of his homework - 6 pages of math --DONE on the first night! I mean really, how could I argue with him wanting to do homework!
Right now, 9:15 am, we are relaxing in the room trying not to think about the fact that he can't eat until tonight-- and I am trying to figure out a way to sneak me some coffee and breakfast so I don't pass out this afternoon from lack of food - I mean, I do have to have some energy to take care of my little guy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Count your blessings: 1, 2, 3 . . .

I know . . I am behind on my blogging. . .and I was doing so good for a while! Things have been a little, well, emotional for me lately -- you see, I have worked for DHS in the past -- and I learned quickly to seperate myself from my work. I saw neglect, all kinds of abuse -- I seperated myself -- I dealt with crummy parents, drug addicts, court, fostercare ---I seperated myself. Then, I became a counselor and I worked to "fix" the effects of all this on children and up until now--- I have seperated myself. All I can say is the system is so very flawed!! And it breaks my heart to see children have to go through things when there seems to be logical ways to get them out of it -- but they don't fit within the system! It certainly makes me hug my kids a little more and throw in little life lessons with a turkey sandwich -- like, "some kids don't have this . . ", etc. Not to make them feel bad, but I want them to realize how very blessed they are. Sometimes being "blessed" means you use those blessing to help others . . .and I am trying to figure out how to do that!

So ---- If I have missed hair appointments (sorry Julee), not returned your phone call, or seemed short . . it's only because I am emotionally drained and my mind is preoccupied!

In the meantime, I have some catching up to do, because this Party of Five has had a great past 2 weeks . . .

Progress Reports: Wow Boys! Both Jayden and Kyler got great reports on their progress reports!! Kyler is hangin' in the hog pen -- hooray! and sporting all pluses!! Jayden is now getting real grades -- can I just say, A for Awesome! Not to mentioned that he has managed to keep that little fire cracker inside him from popping! Keep it up Boys!!

((picture of them at homework time))

Soccer, football and TIMBER: . . that is a sum up of last weekend (2 weeks ago). Pop and Auntie M joined us for all the sporting events and then on Sunday, Pop returned to cut down a dead tree!

The spectators . . .

Hoops and Hogs: that sums up THIS weekend! Thankfully, the world revolves around the HOGS up here, so football and soccer games were rescheduled because of the AR vs. Alabama game -- which gave us the perfect start for basketball! Kyler had a friend spend the night on Friday and then we started off the bball season on Saturday morning. Kerry, Auntie M and Jayden headed to the stadium that afternoon to do some hog calling!! I'm glad Jayden got some special time and he had a great time!

I think that sums it up. I will try to get back on track and keep up with my blogging. For now, I am vividly aware of my blessing and will continue to count them . . . 1, 2, 3 . .to infinity:)!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

An A+ in Soccer Mom 301

We aren't talking about some rookie, freshman level Soccer Mom class - I'm talking senior level - gotta know your stuff - "SPORTS Momma" - cause, it's not all soccer! I have scooted by those lower level classes, but this year --- I've gotta have my A game on! My first exam (today) I don't quite have my A-game on, more like I'm holding a strong C average, but you just wait, the semester has just begun!

I have decided that a lot can be learned from our college days: rolling outta bed and slapping on gym shorts and sorority t-shirt, lacing up our running shoes, and sporting a fully packed back-pack - put on both shoulder's cause you gotta hike it to class -- discretely taking a back seat, 'cause your mere presence is success in it's own, winging it through a pop-quiz and making sure you have the base of your homework grade! --when you think about it, not much different than Soccer mom! I am reverting back to those days - and next week, you just wait -- I will be prepared for the pop quiz (minor meltdown, needing a snack, extra water, etc) and prepared for the bonus points (ice pack and band-aides).
Today, we scooted by -- we were at all three games on time, no major meltdowns and a small selection of sideline snacks slung in the backpack last minute! I even managed to get some pics!

We started off at Evan's soccer game. Evan has a whole team of backseat coaches - Jayden heading that up!
He is just getting the hang of all this, and is just proud to be on his own team! He had a blast!

Then we progressed to Jayden's game (across town) - but that was not without a darting stop off at home for a quick wardrobe change - Kerry and I weren't quite prepared to be in this sweltering heat for the next 3 hours!

Jayden is #6 -- He did awesome! He got some great tackles in and stopped the other team from scoring. The Goblins WON!

This is Evan during Jayden's game. If you will note the water proof table cloth - perfect for setting up camp on the side lines- also doubles as a "chill out/time out" spot - in case it's needed! (I cheated off of an A+ Soccer Mom in Soccer 101 a few years ago for this idea!)

Kerry had some duties during Jayden's game . . .

There he is, Pitts #6 - Corner Back on Defense and Wide Receiver on Offense.

And last but not least - The Jets for flag football (on the same fields as Jayden's thank goodness!)

Kyler made the only touchdown for his team!!! AWESOME!! The Jets got beat, but it was WIN for Kyler!

A must for any sports day - snacks for those on the sidelines!

There he is . . .for the JETS - KYLER PITTS! (looking kinda tough, don't ya think?!)

This is Evan during Kyler's game, extremely hot outside and he is covered in his Bink -- there was a purpose - he was playing a game on Kerry's iphone - possibly calling China - either way - he was quiet and content!

So there you have it - what you need for a C average. Here's my study guide for next week - I'm aiming high!:
*Individual backpacks for each boy with snacks, capri-suns, bonus candy pack, hotwheels and anything else to keep them munching and busy.
*I'm rolling outta bed and putting my college clothes on folks! My backpack will prepared for any BONUS points that come my way - falling off monkey bars, scraped knees, epi-pen, empty bottle to pee in (yeah, just keeping it real), and you name it!
All I can say is . . . bring it on! Just remember the work gets harder later in the semester - new material --- 2 more basketball games thrown into this equation - that equals FIVE sporting events in ONE morning! I will have my A-Game on, though!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Saturday's Game Schedule:

Saturday, September 11th - Pitts boys game day kick off!

9:00 United (aka Evan's soccer team)

10:30 Goblins (aka Jayden's football team)

12:00 Jets (aka Kyler's football team)

** if you're around and want to watch the action, come on! ***


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Are You Ready for Some FOOTBALL

We had a great opening weekend of college football . . and we still have Monday to go!
On Friday Kerry cheered on Sheridan in Harrison. While he was away the boys and I watched the very anticipated "Camp Rock, Final Jam" premier!-- and late that night Uncle G and crew arrived from Harrison with Kerry.
Saturday, I got to SHOP with the Pitts' girls and Aunti M all around Fayetteville -- not sure what the boys did while we were away, I think they played a little football and watched a little football!

We didn't go to the game, but Uncle G and crew did! This is all the kiddos before they left for the game.

This is the boys cheering on Ole Miss as we watched the end of the game . . . we will just leave out the final result . . .so sad:(

On Sunday the boys got to play with their favorite cousins, Morgan and Madison! Notice that Kyler and Morgan are playing the Wii, Jayden and Madison are playing agaist each other on their DSIs and Evan is lounging on the bed watching! We had a great time and are so glad they came to stay with us!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cincinnati Here We Come Again!

I got the scheduling call today from the nurse in Cincinnati -- Kyler is scheduled for his repeat scope with Dr. Franscious on Monday, September 27th. This is a MUCH shorter trip than the last one - so Kyler and I will be flying in for the procedure (on Sunday) and flying home on Tuesday. I am kinda nervous . . . just because I have great expectations for this scope --- that it will come back clear and we can say, "it's the soy and rice!!" - then we can have things under control!!! However - I know in the back of my mind that even though symptom-wise he is better, he could still be having the reacion:( . . . but --positive thinking only!!:)
Kyler is SUPER excited about this trip -- I keep telling him we aren't going to be going to zoos, aquariums, and museums like last time PLUS - no POP to cart us around -- just a taxi-- and I am pretty sure our taxi driver will not be willing to make mcdonald's trips to find ALL of a certain kind of toy like Pop did!! Jayden is feeling left out and wants to go too -- Kyler just rubs it in and says how "awesome" Cincinnati is:)!