Saturday, October 31, 2009

BOO!!! Who???

Just look at my little goblins! what a crew we are!

DRACULA: aka Jayden; He has had this picked out for a while, and check out his pants - he opted for some pants he could wear anytime not just Halloween (how economical of him!) I have a feeling this cape will be worn often around the house!

STAR WARS CLONE: aka Kyler; Pretty much anything with a mask is what Kyler goes for and since he was a good guy (optimus prime) last year, he decided to take a walk on the bad side this year! He's not "into" Star Wars, but they play it at recess, so I guess that's why he picked it!

SCOOBY-DOO: aka Evan; this is noooo surprise! Originally, when he said he wanted to be scooby, I thought I was getting out of buying a costume -- we just happen to have a scooby costume, HOWEVER - as it seems, Evan has hit the scooby milestone a litte earlier than his brothers, hince the new suit! Any chance he will want to be Scooby in 2 years? nahh.
The boys raked in a serious load of candy! We hit a trunk or treat and our normal neighborhoods. Lots of Fun! And as you can see by Evan's expression the sugar high continues --- the crash will be tomorrow!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Random Blogging

Well, I can't believe I'm doing this. . . 2 posts in 1 day! BUT, some pretty funny things have been said and done today by the boys and Kerry is at his weekly poker game with the guys and to be honest - I'm a little bored! (actually I have a ton I SHOULD be doing, but rather be blogging!) Following our super eventful school day, we headed to a small pumpkin patch - just 'cause! Anyway, it was so pretty outside and I have no pumpkin patch pics this year! (and I still don't!!- check out these attempts!)
Then, while Kerry, Kyler and Evan were at Basketball practice, Jayden had a little Mommy time. We carved a pumkin --look how scary! And then watched "icarly" - Jayden and I love this show, but get out voted!
Then, Kyler got extremely frustrated with Evan and began crying and telling me that Evan was on Drugs and he just needs to say NO to drugs! --(this is red ribbon week at school and they are learning about drugs - Kyler is a little confused!!) He thinks because "drugs make you do bad things" that since Evan "does bad things" he must be on drugs. THEN, he told me that Evan needs to learn the "say NO to drugs" song. I just didn't even try to explain, he had so much information in his little head and he was so upset--I just said I would talk to Evan about it. SO, apparently, I am going to have the "drug" talk with Evan at age 3!
Funny thing #2: Evan, who usually follows up his bedtime kiss with "I gotta ask you a question. . . " then repeat that 20 times! That same kid, ran to his bed, covered up with his bink and when I went to tuck him in, said "GET OUT. . . GET OUT". Come to find out, he had confiscated one of Jayden's candy bars from his treat bag and was planning to chow down in his bed!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Sugar High Begins . . .

What a wild week. . . I'm still trying to adjust back to Mommy Mode after our trip - but no time for that, we have fall celebrations to prepare for! Evan started off the celebration with his class party and parade through the gym in their costumes -- so cute! The boys both have "food day" and the walk of the jack-o-lanterns on Friday and on Thursday Kerry and Kyler carved a SCARY jack-o-lantern for his class. These are the treats for their class parties, "Kyler Safe" pumpkin muffins for Kyler's class and trail mix goodie sacks for Jayden's, wheh! glad that is done and delivered!

Wii Wii Wii all the day long!

They finally got it --a WII! After some hard working for good behavior stickers from Pop and CiCi, they earned it (well, from what I hear it was close. . .)BUT, nevertheless, it's here! The boys have worked up a sweat with it! Kyler loves to box and play tennis, Jayden has beat Kerry at golf and me at bowling, and Evan just likes to move his hands around aimlessly. There is some smack talkin' going on in the Pitts' household!
(Evan wasn't feeling very good today, that's the reason for the pitiful look!)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas! 10 years and counting. . .

Kerry and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas. We decided to be a "party of two" for a few days:)!

We spent our first two nights at the Bellagio. Everything was so nice and peaceful (well as peaceful as you can get in Vegas!) We spent our last night at the Flamingo - we have stayed there before and love their pools (plus, its a little bit of a younger crowd than the Bellagio).

Our first night there we discovered the World Poker tournament going on, and Kerry being the chit chatter that he is, made friends with a VIP and we got to go in the room. The best part was getting a private balcony view of the fountains while the tournament was going on inside! All that chit chatten he does pays off sometimes:)!

We ate wonderful meals, shopped til we dropped and lounged by the pools.

It was a great trip and a wonderful celebration of our ten years together! A HUGE thank you to CiCi and Pop for caring for the rest of our party while we were away!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Catching up on the Cuteness

I have just some random pictures, that never got blogged! So here it goes. . .

Snaggle Tooth Jayden - this is after loosing tooth #2. This little tooth has been hangin around for while, and finally, while biting a rope in the backyard (that's another story) it fell out!

I was going to blog about our whirlwind weekend trip to Arkadelphia but Mom did such a good job I will just hit the highlights! Actually, it wasn't a weekend - we were there less than 24 hours! We went to Molly and Ben's 2nd birthday party,
hayride that night, and returned the next morning (having to work these fun things in between basketball is difficult!)

This is all the boys (plus a friend, Hayden) in the laundry room floor during the tornado warning! They all had to make a mad dash to grab their prized possessions -- bink, favorite pillows and stuffed animals!

Hike, Hoops and HOGS!

HIKE: The boys were out of school on Friday, so - despite the rain- we headed to Devils Den with CiCi and Pop. The boys all got Happy Meals on the way (a successful trip with just that!--they have Bakugan's in them!) and then we picniced in the rain and played on the playground. No hiking, but we saw a super cool water fall and m ost importantly -- got out of the house!

HOOPS: Just another Saturday of some BBALL! The boys were playing at the same time. So, Evan and I "sit" in the middle so we can see both games. Evan is not a very good spectator-- he kicks, bucks, squirms, you name it - the entire game. Kyler is so cute- he runs and skips up and down the court and he's really good at "ready position". Jayden is so fast it's hard to get a good pic! He is super good at guarding - he is "all over" those other players!

HOGS: Well, it has been done - the Pitts' family made it past half time at a game!!! This pretty much sums it up --WE CAME, WE SAW, WE ATE (and we called some hogs!) It was a very exciting game, so the boys really enjoyed it, especially the cotton candy, nachos, chips. . . .