Sunday, July 25, 2010

"The BEST Hot Springs Weekend EVER!"

Apparantly, in order for it to be "the best Hot Springs weekened ever" you must take 6 HOURS to get home!! I am going to report on this trip from END to beginning. . .
We wheeled into the traveling Reptile Museum in Mansfield on our way home and you talk about some excitied boys!!
Checking out the ginourmous Alligators!
Cool, every kind of snake you can imagine!

Check out the size of that thing! Ughhh -- I would've voted for a mall personaly!
Before that, we stopped and ate pizza at Pizza Hut-- doesn't sound that exciting does it?! -- BUT - We Went IN --oh, yes, this is exciting! We don't eat out much because of limited options for Kyler, but their Pizza crust is safe, so we made an event of it!
But wait, there's more . . . Digging for Crystals in Mt. Ida!!! This is something that is on our "Summer To Do" list and we are trying to get these things checked off!

Some hard work and lots of sweat went into this!

But, check out the rewards! I couldn't believe the Crystals we found!

And that was the just the trip home! We had fun at the condo as well . . .

Here's a pic of mine and Kerry's position at the pool. Kerry always says we look like a "yard sale" with all the stuff the boys drag out of the storage room . . .turtle bucket, nets, rafts, torpedos, you name it we have it at the pool!

Pop and CiCi dropped off their first pick of the season for us to eat!! Look at the size of this thing! This was a hard picture to take, this was following a minor meltdown at the pool requiring some much needed R&R - the boys' eyes are red from the pool and I didn't get all of Madison's pretty face! But, they NEEDED some Mellon!

We had some tubing fun with the other Pitts' Crew -- check out Jayden, Kyler, Morgan and Madison! It was some rough water - I think everyone was feeling the need to get in some lake time before the end of summer!

AND - to start off the trip-- I got to come down a night early and hang with my besties for a girls night out!
So there you have it! As the boys said, "the BEST Hot Springs Weekend EVER!"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Beach Photos

It's been a while since we returned from Florida - but, I finally have my pics from the family photo shots!

I love this picture because it is so "us" -- Jayden not following the rules of course and looking behind - Kyler following the rules but trying to cross the line a bit -- and Evan holding on to me

This one cracks me up -- look at Kerry fussing at Jayden -- gosh it's hard to get everyone to cooperate for a simple picture!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

May Your Days Be MERRY!

. . .And they are Merry, Very! (can you tell I've watched the Grinch lately?!) We celebrated Christmas in July today and I must say we are all feeling very Christmasy!
The boys opened their presents first thing. They each got a box of some random goodies (including their t-shirts that they wore today - it was a "jammy" day!) and best of all . . . MARIO BROS. GALAXY II for their WII!!

We made christmas cookies . . .

Played the Wii. . . .
Enjoyed a Christmas Dinner - complete with Turkey and Dressing. The boys are toasting in this pic with their fancy glasses . . .

We decorated the cookies. . .
And of course, ATE the cookies. . .

Then we made Gingerbread houses. . .

And as I type we are watching "Merry Madagascar". It was a fun day and neat to remember Christmas in the middle of the hot summer! I think this may be our new tradition!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

We put the "P" in PARTY BARGE!

Just call us water logged! After a little bunking party at the Lake House, we got up and spent the day on the water, in the water and by the water!
The boys getting a little fancy with their tubing . . high fiving and at one point dancing!

The entire crew (minus me - behind the camera!) in the water . . .check out Mim floatin' along!

CiCi and Kyler . . .

CiCi on the boat. . .

Sisters . . .

Me, Aunti M and Jayden and Kyler tubing. . .

The boys showing off this HUGE Watermelon - curtisey of Mr. Bright!! WOW -- and it was gooood!

Pop driving, Evan watching and Kerry and boys tubing. Evan tubed a little at the beginning - but got his fill! Later CiCi and boys tubed and then Pop and boys tubed (no pics of that :( my camera was at the house!

one side of the boat. . .

. . .and the other side

Evan . . .(I so wish I had the pic of him asleep on the boat . . he was sooo tired!)

Mim enjoying the ride. . .

Kerry and the boys preparing for take off!

It was a fun day on the lake!