Monday, March 29, 2010

Chick, Chick, Chiiiickkkkennn . . . . pox!

We just thought we were outta the woods. . .nope! Today is Monday, the day after springbreak and the return to school after 2 weeks for Kyler (remember he was out the entire week BEFORE break in prep. for the trip that never happened . . .)--he lasted til, ohh - 8:45. That's right I gotta call that he had chicken pox!

Just to explain myself -- he had 2 bumps on his face that he got yesterday. Well, they looked NOTHING like Jayden's and we had been playing outside for the past 2 days and they looked like bug bites to me -- PLUS, he had no other bumps anywhere else and the torso is usually where pox begin, PLUS he had no fever (Jayden did) and no other symptoms ----just needed to provide some proof that I am not horrible Mom for sending my Pox infested child to school!

You know Kyler and share time . . did he share that we went to the cat refuge. . . nope, did he share that he went to jumpzone, battlefield and parks. . no, no and no! He shared this, "I have these bumps on my face and my mom thinks they are bug bites, BUT I think they are chicken pox". . . 15 minutes later he is in the nurses office!

I feel bad that he was around other kids, but I truely did not believe them to be pox at the time. Now, however he has 2 new ones on his arms (again, not typical. . . but pox just the same).

Just so you know . . .Jayden had 1 immunization for chicken pox --- got them. . .Kyler has had BOTH immunizations ---got them . . .Evan has had 1 immunization . . we are just waiting!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Our Spring Break wasn't quite what we had planned. . . . no long days driving, tests and doctors appts, and definatly no seperation anxiety from being a long distance family --nope, we had plenty of togetherness this Spring Break, and though we had a kink thrown in our plans, we had a great Spring Break! This is what we did. . .

Monday: After our whirlwind little Hot Springs trip and some playing in the snow, I thought a relaxing day at home was just what we needed --WRONG. . .I decided following this day, that we needed a daily activity for the rest of the week. But, the boys did play a little dress up . .
They dressed up as me. . . what cute outfits!:)

. . .and as me and Kerry. . .silly boys!! They also played on the bunkbeds, no pictures from that because everytime I went in the room I was attacked by 3 warriors perched on the top bunk! (another post will show off Evan's new bed!)

Tuesday: We went with Pop and CiCi to the Wildcat Refuge in Eureka Springs -- it was sooo neat and the boys learned alot (and so did I)!

We had a yummy picnic right beside some tigers and lions!

We took a tour of the habitats and learned alot about where each of the cats came from.

Then, we explored the Ripley's believe it or not bridge and took a hike . . .

. . . the boys at pivet rock.

some exploring. . .

some posing. . .

Wednesday: We headed to the park. It wasn't the prettiest of days, actually it was borderline pouring down rain, but that didn't stop us from playing, training for the "ironpig" run, playing in the creek and eating a picnic lunch! (no pictures this day, sorry!)

Thursday: We went to JUMP ZONE! The boys had been before, they went with Auntie M and she had told me how fun it was -- the boys had a blast! They were red faced and exhausted when we left. Plus, it was a cold, rainy day -- perfect day to Jump off some energy inside!

Friday: We all loaded up the bikes and headed to Prairie Grove Battlefield. We rode bikes, played on the playground and the boys did some more training for their Ironpig run. Plus, we got a little history lesson in . . .

It was a great week!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Crawfish, Fishing and Snow Balls

. . . not your usual weekend activities! On Saturday, we headed for a spur of the moment Hot Springs trip. We made a visit to Rendi's Mud Bugs and picked up some steaming crawfish and fixins' as well as 3 little pets (Snappy 1, 2 &3) --a new way of "playing with your food!". Amazing to me that the boys can chow down on some crawfish, while having three "snappys" swimming in the sink! (They let them go in the lake on Sunday)

The boys did a little fishing. . .it was snowing outside -- just a wet snow, didn't stick -but it was CCOOOOLLLDDD on the dock! They didn't last long, but caught 4 fish!!

We headed back to NWA on Sunday evening and were greeted by a whopping 10-12 inches of snow!! (snow was pretty beat down from the rainy mix that fell, so it was hard on the top --made it hard work for snowman building!)

Huge chunk of snow . . .

working so hard. . .

The finished product. . . Snowman and snow-scooby(Evan's idea for the scooby!)
You know those yards that keep snowmen up long after the snow has melted. . not at the Pitts' house. . . the best part is bringing DOWN the snowman . . !

Snowballing. . .

Who knows what the rest of Spring Break will bring us if this was how it started! Jayden has a light case of the Pox - he has few new spots crop up each day, little itchy, little fever, but feels okay (maybe a little grouchy, too!) No signs of spotty Kyler or Evan so far!

We are glad we headed south for a little break!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Crazy Week

1 bump, 2 bumps. . .itchy. . .more. . OH NO! CHICKEN POX!!! Just what we needed this week! Can you say CRAZY?????? That is how my week has been! We have been so careful all week to keep Kyler well, and what do you know. . . Jayden breaks out with the CHICKEN POX on Wednesday!

This is our week . . .

Kerry outta town for work Mon -Wed . . .Kyler to dr on Monday - told to stay home. . . . Kyler goes to work with me on Tuesday (CRAZY day at work, Kyler was a champ, though!) . . . trying to plan Jayden's movie night bday party scheduled for Friday, but working around baseball practice. . .Jayden got bit at school, yes he got BIT!. . .Kerry gets home. . . Jayden breaks out in random, itchy bumps . . . we cross our fingers it's chiggers. . . Kyler and Jayden to work with Kerry (so, I can work). . . Jayden goes to Dr. . . CHICKEN POX. . . cancel b-day party. . .no baseball practice. . .cancel Cincinnati. . . UUGHHHH!!!!!!

Spring Break 2010 ----- itching, benadryl, quarantined kiddos --- FUN, huh?!

*Cincinnati appointments have been rescheduled until week of May 3 -- Kyler cannot go when he has been exposed to the pox!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Planning for next week

Just one short week from today, we will be in Cincinnati for Kyler's doctors appointments. In preparation for this, he is officially being quarantined this week --- as you saw in earlier posts, the lurking fever has been keeping him down. . and we want him going into next week rested and healthy! Since a Kindergarten classroom is a breeding ground for pesky viruses, he will be staying home this week -- doctors orders!

Here is a sum up off our appts. for next week. . .

Monday -- this is our biggest day - he has his appt. with GI doctor in the morning, Dexa Scan and then upper and lower scope in the afternoon. He will be recovering from procedure and anesthesia this night. . .lots of resting in the hotel room.

Tuesday: he will see the team allergist and get lots of allergy testing done, including skin patch testing ---this checks for a delayed reaction -- I am anxious to see how this turns out, because that type of testing isn't available around here so he's never had it. We have an appt. with a Social Worker in the afternoon - to discuss lifestyle changes that might occur because of food limitations/social impact/etc -- I think I got this covered, but I am sure it will be useful.

Wednesday - Lab tour and seminar on Eosinophillic disorders. (I think this is for me)

Thursday - Follow-up appt with GI doctor - the biopsy results will be in from the procedures on Monday.

Friday - Follow-up appt. with Allergist and reading of the skin patch tests -- - he will have had those patches on since Tuesday, not sure how fun that's going to be :(. And lastly, appt. with Dietitian.

We aren't going to be all work and no play, though! We have big plans to fit in Kings Island (an amusement park), Cincinnati Zoo, Aquarium and of course some trips to Toys R us!

Who's going Where???? Me, Kyler and Pop will be going to Cincinnati; Jayden, Evan and Kerry will be holding down the roost - while CiCi is in charge of kiddos while Kerry works. And you know CiCi, she has some fun things planned for them during their Spring Break!

I am planning to blog each night and let everyone know how it's going. . . so stayed tuned!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

This and That. . . Here and There. . .

I'm going to do some lazy blogging and sum up the last week in one blog!

That little stomach bug took us DOWN. . .and though it was just a 24 hour bug, the after effects just keep on coming. . .however, inbetween random fevers and just feeling crudy, we managed to have a pretty exciting week. . .

On Tuesday, Kyler's class had a fieldtrip to see a play and went to Fun City for lunch and play time.
This was about the extent of Kyler's playtime, I ended up taking him home early because he wasn't feeling good -- but he did get a little playing in.

Kyler with a few classmates

That night, Jayden and Kerry went to the school for BINGO night (Kyler wanted to go, but again, fever). No pictures from this -- BUT Jayden saw some of his art work displayed with a first place blue ribbon on it!!!--I'll be sure to get a picture of that when he brings it home -- he was so proud, and so are we!

Later in the week we headed to the Boys and Girls Club. We didn't last long, but it was nice to get in the water and do some slidding.

On Thursday night we had a little visit from Auntie M! She was back in our stomping grounds for work. The boys were so glad to see her and even got to do a little coloring with her. Thanks Auntie M for stopping by!

And last but certainly not least. . .check out Mr. Snaggle tooth!! That's right, that stubborn front tooth finally gave up at recess today! You have never seen such a BIG snaggle tooth smile, as the one Jayden was sporting as he came to the car after school!

Jayden told me tonight that one of his classmates said she got 100 dollars for her front tooth, and she never lies . . . Jayden said he just didn't know what to believe - because that sounds crazy. (I agree. . . crazy. . . ) Also, he said that he thinks the toothfairy takes a picture in your mouth when she visits, because she doesn't want people pranking her . . you know, putting a tooth out that you have lost before and already gotten money for. . . :) There's no prankin' the toothfairy!

We'll see tonight what the going rate for a front tooth is. . .I think it's surely worth a little more than the regular ole tooth . . but, 100 bucks? Not unless it's gold!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

While Mommy's away, the boys will play . . .

I should have known that an all boy weekend would involve some animals! The boys headed to the Gentry Zoo while Mommy was off shopping. Looks like they had a great time!

Kyler called me shortly after this and told me he rode a Lion. . . I got a little nervous about Kerry's judgement . . .shoulda known - all was okay, THIS is the only kind of lion I want my kids on!

Ride 'em cowboys!

Kerry said that Kyler told the girl leading the horse that next time he is going to bring his hat and cowboy boots because he is from Texas! (that makes you a cowboy you know!)

I don't know if they missed me much . . . I'm so glad that when I leave I know that all my boys will have some fun man time - what a great Daddy! Speaking of great Dads, mine was busy in his shop all weekend building bunkbeds for Evan!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shop 'til you Drop, Texas style!

I left my crew on Friday morning early, before the crack of dawn -- yes, I left my stomach bug infested home and sick little and big boys to suffer, while Mommy did some SHOPPING!(actually, they were feeling better and ended up having their own little fun weekend. . . but that's another post!)
We arrived in San Antonio by Friday afternoon, got see Miranda's new home (and hubby and dogs) and then headed to begin our Shopping!! We were at the outlets when they opened and when they shut 'em down! We ate great food . . .and got to get some Texas atmosphere at some local favorites. Here we are the last day (after lots of shopping and some rain). . .

Here's the outside of the grissmill -- it was really cool and the food was great!

We even saw some honky tonkin'. . .this is actually on a Sunday afternoon, it was right next to the restaurant--we held Mom back from doing some dancin', but I have a feeling her and Dad will be back for some of that action:)!

It was a fun weekend with my two favorite girls! Plus, THIS is my shopping inventory . . .
1 coach purse (LOVE it!)
1 watch
2 pairs of shoes
1 pair of pants
3 skirts
2 dresses
1 trench
4 pairs of shorts
9 shirts
1 running skirt
1 columbia hat
. . . I think that's it, wheh!!
And, THIS is me trying to fit all that into this little bag. . .I got it all in! (I look a little rough, early in the morning --guess that crazy morning hair Jayden has is hereditary!)

THANK YOU, MOM---for a great, fun weekend of DAILY shopping!!!
*there are some more pics out there, but I am waiting to get them from Miranda, so I just went ahead and posted what I got!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Snug as a Bug

awwwhhhh . . .this makes me so sad, but the time has come -- actually it's way overdue. This baby bed has been the nighttime home to a pittsboy for the last 8 years running! (This picture is Evan on his last night sleeping in the babybed. . . sniff, sniff)

The bed was a baby gift from Papaw and Ninny when I was pregnant with Jayden. . . little did we know that it would comfort 2 more!

Jayden started out in the bed, then. . . when he was around 18 months old he switched to his big boy bed -- in preparation for new baby on the way, Kyler.

Then. . . Kyler slept in it til he was around 18 months old, and switched to his big boy bed --partly in preparation for baby #3, Evan and partly because he got carpet burn on his head from climbing out of it!

Then... Evan took over and just hasn't wanted to let it go! The boy is almost 4 years old, he fills up the entire bed, and climps in and out with ease, even though the rail is still positioned high (we tried to make it difficult:)) Since we had to move everything out for the new carpet and bed had to be taken apart, we felt like it was logical time to switch. Evan will be borrowing Kyler's trundle until Pop finishes his new big boy bunkbeds!! It's in the attic for now. . . only to come down for grandbabies!

It's the simple things. . .

this post is from last week - I had hoped to have a picture of the boys on the new carpet, but nobody felt good enough for any kodak moments last week:(
. . . LIKE NEW CARPET!!! I think we may all just sleep on the floor tonight. . .! okay, not really, but it is great to have fresh, new carpet in the bedrooms. I now have new floors almost throughout the entire house! The only areas with the original are the kitchen, laundry room and bathrooms! ahhhh -- rennovations are a pain, but soooo worth it in the long run! Now, if we can just keep these clean. . . since the stomach bug has not fully left the building yet, I think I am going to spread out towels from the beds to hall, just in case:)!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Run the Line!

If you saw Mom's blog - you know that I won!! (ha, ha!) Not Really! BUT - I do consider it a win because. . . I got to eat a guilt free snickers on the way to Texarkana, along with a guilt free bowl of pasta AND got have a fun night with girls! Not to mention the fact that I crossed the finish line!!!!! I consider it quite an accomplishment and am looking forward to doing more and beating my time:)! Thank you to my WONDERFUL, GREAT, BEST friend Kara for inspiring me -- she did it last year and was my check point during my "training"! AND a huge thank you to Mom, Dad and Mim for keeping the rowdy bunch AND my hubby who took over the crew countless times while Mommy did her runs!! 13.1 Miles, ya'll -- go me!!