Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bayou Bound

The boys and I headed out on Friday afternoon for Louisiana. They have been super excited about heading down south and we had a great weekend of fun!

What better place for the Pitts' boys to hang out but the Alligator Farm! They LOVED it!

There were more than just gators there, too! The boys had fun checking out all the animals . . .

You will notice that Evan has progressed to the hand signal phase . . . it's about time he hit that Pitts' stage!

The boys were like an endless buffet for these animals . . .

Jayden is afraid this ostrich is about to peck his hat!

Kyler loved this little guy, because he said they had the same hair . . .they kinda do:)!

Watchin' some gator feeding . . .

The highlight of the day . . . HOLDING A GATOR!! It doesn't get much better than this!

We also hung out at the Bass Pro Shop . . .

. . . and got attacked by a bear! (nehhh, just kidding - but that's some first rate posing!)

A BIG thank you to Mim and Uncle Mike for hosting us! The boys had a great time and would still be there if it was up to them!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A la Nat-u-rals

Jayden's class (and every other 3rd grader in NWA) went to the Naturals game for a field trip this week and guess who he wanted to join in on the fun . . .his cool momma (and his cool little brother, too--Kyler had to stick out with the 1st graders at school:(- but he's got fieldtrips coming up).
Here is Jayden, surrounded by girls . . Jayden and his buddy Kolby . . .

The prompter said to dance . . . so he danced . . .

It said to make some noise . . . so he did (he follows directions so well!)

It was fun to see Jayden hanging out with his friends and Evan had fun at the bounce houses and playground and hanging with his biggest brother.

Me and my oldest baby --I will treasure these moments, because soon it may not be "cool" to have your Mom on a fieldtrip, I will enjoy it while I can:)!

Mother's Day Weekend

Just a little re-cap of this past weekend. . . On Friday afternoon, Evan and I headed south in plans of surprising Mom on Saturday -- we didn't want to tell her because she would cook and clean, etc and we knew she has been a busy bee lately and just needed to chillax! Due to baseball schedules we couldn't take the whole crew and make our arkadoo/carlisle loop - so it was just me and EJ! We did some chillaxin of our own at the condo that evening (Evan even braved the pool!) Saturday we spent the day in Arkadelphia and I think CiCi was surprised:) Evan keeps wanting to go surprise her again ( he likes being sneaky). Sunday morning I got to sleep late, eat IHOP, go for a run, and spend the day in the yard with my boys -- plus I got the cutest, sweetest Mother's day cards from my babies! What more could a Momma ask for-- I can't think of anything!

3rd Grade Presents . . . Spaced Out

Last week Jayden was in the 3rd grade music program at school. I have been looking forward to this, because for the last few months he moans and groans about going to music and even admitted that he gets in trouble on purpose so he will have to go out in the hall -- he doesn't want to sing "stupid, embarrassing songs" -- well, his smart teachers not only gave him a part as a Meteoroid, but also put him in the music burst group - which meant that he has music every day, plus his weekly music class . . :) (that'll teach him!) He was not real excited about it - but to our surprise he rocked the Meteoroid part! His hair is suppossed to be crazy -- I mean, he just jetted through the atmosphere and he also has on make-up.

The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for KYLER

Kyler was presented with his Bible from the church a few Sundays ago and he had whole pew of fam to witness! Pop, CiCi and Mim along with the Pitts' crew were there! Here he is front and center--the cute one with the tie:)

What a special day . . . I still remember getting my Bible from the church and I certainly remember when Jayden got his too!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Race for the Cure . . 10K!

Jayden's portrait of Me, Auntie M and CiCi running . . . (I love the way he spelled "Ant-e-M" haha!) It was a fun run, and yes, I ran it -even though there is no proof of it on the times posted -- there is no record of me and I turned in my chip! Usually I wouldn't care, BUT this race I happen to feel like I did a pretty good time for me! Darn -it! Oh-well! Miranda did great! Mom did great, even despite her wardrobe issues:)! 10k -- 6.6 miles -- WAHOO Daily Girls!

Here's Aunti M after getting her medal . . .

April Showers . . .Better Bring May Flowers!

I think this school paper from Kyler sums it up best . . . Yes, we have been drowned in rain lately. . . even to the point of record breaking floods! I got a call from the school last week to come pick up your kids due to flooding. I was clueless! We live on a hill (thankfully) - so, when Evan and I got to the bottom of the hill we saw WATER! It was quite an exciting drive to get to the school to pick up the kids!

Although it seems to be raining non stop - I looked back at some posts from last year and guess what . . . it rained alot! The baseball schedule flew out the window last year too! So, I am guessing I really should have invested in some cute rainboots . . . maybe if I buy them now the rain will stop:)