Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fun with the FAM!

While Kerry was off being "Frydaddy" this weekend we headed to the lake house on Saturday.

We had a celebration for CiCi's 55th Birthday!!

a little sillyness with the birthday hats. . .

and of course some boat time!

CiCi and Evan . . .

We were sooo excited that Mim and Uncle Mike made the long trip up here from Shreveport . . check out Mim loungin' in the lake!

and Uncle Mike, chilaxin on the boat. . .

Aunti M enjoying some lake time . . she looks like she is staying a safe distance from the crazy jumping kids . . .smart move!

The boys did some scavaging on the shore with Pop, here's Jayden with some treasures! (I don't know how Pop escaped my camera . . I'll get him next time!)
It was a fun time! We were glad to see Kerry on Sunday! We had 3 exhasted little boys!

One full week down . . . soooo many to go!

Well, we've done it -- we made it through our first full week of school and sports:)!

Here's Kyler at his very first football practice. Sorry for the picture quality - but I was chasing Evan and Jayden! Kyler was excited because he knew most of his teammates and he worked so hard in practice!

Kerry left on Thursday afternoon for a catering job for Breaux's so I was on my own for a little!

The boys switched out spending some time at the lake house with CiCi, Pop, Mim and Uncle Mike while I hauled the others to practices. Evan had his first practice on Saturday and I think this might have been the cutest thing EVER!! They all seem so little compared to watching the older boys practices. Evan kept saying over and over --"I so excited, I so excited" on the way to his practice!
So, this is how our week went. . . Monday - Jayden's football practice, Tuesday- Jayden's football practice, Wednesday - a little break, Thursday - Kyler's practice and Jayden's practice - Thanks "Mr. Mike" for carting Jayden for me! - Friday - Evan's meet your coach and Saturday - Evan's soccer practice!
The boys have had a great first week -- I guess - no news is good news, right?! I DO know that Kyler has stayed "in the hog pen" all week - yay Kyler, and BOTH boys returned Monday with 100 % on all their first week tests! YAY BOYS!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

He Ruled the Roost . .

. . .and then 3 o'clock came. . and he was dethrowned!
***look real close and you will see Evan in the middle of the castle waving:)***

The weather was so wonderful today . . a little fall preview - so we headed to the park for some fun . . .

He wanted Tacos and sprite - so, that's what we ate. . .

He played on "ole Timber" - our favorite tree at Wilson Park . . .

and he played in the creek . . .

But, when his brothers came home -- he was no longer the ruler! He cried because he couldn't watch what he wanted to, because he couldn't sit where he wanted to at the table, and pretty much everything -- it took some adjustment! Even though the evening was a little rough on Evan, we had a great day!-- Just need to work on him stepping down when the bubbas come home!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Getting a Jumpstart!

Today was Evan's first day of Jumpstart. He will be going on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and he is sooo excited! He has the same teachers as last year - Ms. Heidi and Ms. Lisa!

Anatomy of a Pre-schooler:
* collared shirt - which he picked out (I guess he likes the green color) and he likes to wear shirts with collars to "special" things for some reason!
* Gap backpack in "pirate" print and notice the matching shoes! (his "pirate" shoes) and he is holding "Beary Beary" which he took with him, along with his bink - don't know how the ole bink missed the picture! His bink was washed up for the first day of school and ready to go:)!
****it looks like Coco has Beary Beary in her mouth, but actually she was just walking up to Evan - it's just he angle! No stuffed animals were harmed in the taking of this picture!!****
Evan had a great day and great drop-off -- just walked in like he owns the place- and he just ate a whopper of a dinner - I guess pre-school works up an appetite! What a big boy he is!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

We've got Balls!

Footballs. . . .soccer balls. . . basketballs. . . tennis balls. . . you name it! Ball season has begun around here! Jayden is currently at his very first tackle football practice. He did a little warming up in the front yard before he left.

He got to tackle Kerry . . .

I have been waiting for this moment since Jayden was in pre-school and tried to play tackle soccer! Kerry and I said then, we couldn't wait 'til we could strap some pads on him and a helmet and let him go! --well, the day has come!

The Pitts brothers just hanging out after school - taking a little break from some warm-ups.

Kyler and Evan playing a little Tennis. . .

Kyler practicing his basketball skills for recess . .

and Evan just Monkeying around!

Here's what we have coming up . . Jayden's tackle football schedule should come out soon. . . Kyler's touch football will be starting in the next week and Evan's soccer starts this week as well! There will be a little overlap with Basketball and Football for the big boys - but we won't worry about that yet!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Dear Ole Back to School Days

"School days. . . School days, dear ole back to school days. Reading and writing and arithmetic. . learning the tune to a hickory stick . . ." I annoyed the boys with this song as they woke, I am pretty sure Mom annoyed me and Miranda with this as well - so I guess it's become a tradition!

Here they are - the Pitts brothers, fixing to embark on another school year!

Too cool for school!

Anatomy of a 1st Grader:
*Kyler's must have sketcher shoes of the year (they didn't make this pic - but are a highly important part of his look!) They light up and have flames on the toe. He had sketchers last year - but these are the newest and he knew exactly what he wanted! Plus his foot has grown like 2 sizes over the summer- geezzz!
*super soft, environmentally friendly "solar power" t-shirt
*slig over messenger bag with retro design (he walked straight in the Gap and knew just what he wanted!)
* Camo lunch box with attached water bottle - and filled with goodies!
Anatomy of a 3rd grader:
*The highly anticipated and frantically searched for Pumas -- wheh, I am glad we found those suckers! We searched high and low - had to have these specific ones and he too let that foot of his grow, grow, grow!
* super soft, environmentally friendly "go green" t-shirt with a picture of earth on the back.
*sling over messenger bag with rock like design pattern. He headed straight for "his" bag - it's so funny how they both have their own sense of style!
*plaid lunch box with attached water bottle - filled with goodies of course!
The boys let me walk them in on the first day - they were so cute! When I picked them up they were both excited and exhausted!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Twas the Night Before School Starts 2010 . . .

This is one of those moments I just love. . . the house is still, quiet and clean, lunches are packed, first day outfits are layed out, and visions of books, teachers, classmates and recess are dancing in their heads. I have three sleeping sweeties and am anticipating this great school year ahead of us!
One future 3rd grader. . . He will report to Mrs. Hill's room, to his desk - positioned front and center and surrounded by quiet, sweet girls (bless them) -and begin his final year at Pop Williams Elementary.
One future 1st grader . . .He will report to Mrs. Key's classroom, to his desk positioned far back left, surrounded by classmates from last year - and begin his second year at Pop Williams Elementary.
One future ruler of the roost . . .He will report to work with Daddy -- and as his title says, he will Rule the Roost while his brothers are away!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What a Week! (wait, it's just Tuesday!)

Well, in case you haven't heard, the Pitts' boys killed a copperhead today! (If you are within texting or talking distance - you probably heard!) I am a little behind on my blogging, so I am starting with the most exciting and working my way backwards. . .cause today -- what a day!! (please excuse Evan's outfit in this pic - he dressed himeself for the open house- we had to do a quick change before we left!)

This is how it all went down-- after our two eye issues (see previous blog!) the boys went "camping" in the backyard --After Evan spotted it, the boys returned ready to take it down!

These are the spectators. . . .

This is Jayden in action -- we didn't know until Kerry got home that Jayden actually hit it -- I mean square in the head with a bb!!

The proud hunters!

Gives me the heebies just looking at it!!

This is the boys before all the action . . Jayden is reading some of his "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" to his brothers, so sweet!

Evan and "Beary Beary". . .his new build-a-bear from CiCi.

On Monday, the boys did their part of the commercial shoot for Foster's. . . I don't have any good pics - but remember - 3 kids, an excited Lab, a neighborhood cat, and a film crew--I think I'm excused!! You'll just have to wait and see it on KNWA!!! --oh and I am thanking goodness that all these little eye issues didn't happen BEFORE the shoot, wheh!!

On Saturday, we returned Killa and Vixon to Auntie M. The boys had fun playing with them. This is a pic of them during their morning playtime! We also went out on the boat with Pop and CiCi - no pics, sorry, it was kinda a wild day! But we are glad we got one last lake day on Beaver before school starts! AND, you will have to check CiCi's blog - because she kept all three boys on Thursday and did lots of fun stuff!! WHEH - I'm tired just trying to remember all this stuff that's been happening! Not to mention - Back to School Bootcamp going on!
The boys also had open house tonight --so, let's review: dr. with Jayden for eye, Kyler flipping out of trampoline, BB to the head of a Copperhead, AND Open House at Pop Williams - then dinner at Ruby Tuesdays! The boys are excited for a great school year - and honestly, I think I am ready for school to start:)!!
**be sure and scroll down past the "eye" blogs - I posted a new Hot Springs post - trying to keep them in order and I got behind!***

Swollen eye #2 of the day.. Do I hear a 3, please no!

After returning from the doctor with Jayden... Kyler flipped out of the trampoline and landed verticle with his face catching him... On a huge rock of course! This is shortly after it happened.. It hasn't had a chance to turn black yet, but I'm sure that is to come! Open house is tonight folks!! What a crew we will be!

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Swollen eye #1 of the day....

I have some blogging to catch up with... But this day has turned out to be one for the books so far!! Jaydens eye began swelling shortly after the commercial shoot yesterday. When benadryl failed us we headed to the doctor this morning only to find ( after inspection by lights and magnifying instruments) a tic!! It was removed and doc says it may be swollen for the next day or so...

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Last Call Hot Springs Trip!

Saturday, 2 weeks ago, the boys and I headed south for our last little Hot Springs trip. Kerry was already down there on his golf outing - so before he headed back to NWA we spent the day at Magic Springs/Crystal Falls on Sunday.

Evan's favorite slide. . .

The good ole log ride. . .

Jayden's favorite . . surfing. . .

we rode some rides. . .

Then, the boys and I stayed and lived some layed back condo life til Wednesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, we joined the Oosterhous crew for some fun at Mid America. . . Ever been to Mid America with SIX BOYS under the age of 8 . . Kara and I have!! and we survived!!!

All six boys, ages . . .3,4,5,6,7 and 8!!!

By the end of the trip and I mean the last day, Evan decided to get brave in the water. . .this is him underwater!! Yes, the boy who hasn't gotten his hair wet with pool water all year, that's him!! He was jumping off the side, getting torpedos from the bottom of the shallow end, and swimming underwater!! Way to go Evan!
It was nice to get away and just be summer bums for a few days!!