Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Brace yourself for a super exciting report of our Spring Break activites . . . just kidding!  Since we just took a trip, the plan was to have a relaxing "stay-cation" here in NWA - you know, enjoy the weather (it RAINED the ENTIRE week!), see the sights - zoo, etc (it RAINED the ENTIRE week), play at the house outside and catch bugs and do some exploring (it RAINED the ENTIRE week!)-- I think you get the picture!  Instead, we opted for indoor activites . . .Like shopping at Toys R Us.

 All three boys smiling as we leave Toys R Us -- remember this moment because it rarely happens!  99% of the time at least one child is crying, upset or stomping -- so, Yay us!
 A lunch date with Auntie M and then a movie -- Journey 2:  The Mysterious Island.
 Fast Lanes!
And there was also the not so exciting part of Doctors appts and Dentist appts -- yep, sounds fun doesn't it!
Kyler had some allergy testing done -- GOOD NEWS:  He can do a food challege for nut products in the next 2 weeks and hopefully add those to his diet.  That doesn't sound like much, but it does open up some new options and he is highly anticipating a "daddy style" peanut butter and jelly sandwhich (don't ask me - I haven't a clue how to make this difficult version of a classic!).  Not So Good:  He didn't test out of Milk or Egg which  I was crossing my fingers for -- BUT the doc did say that it is decreasing and he feels pretty confident that he will OUTGROW them by the age of 10 or 12 --wahoo!!!!!

Sloppy rainy weather plus a week out of school plus no destination vacation equals many brotherly headlocks and punching and "he said this and I'll get him back" and constant referring.  Wheh! Kerry and I both decided by Monday that NEVER again would we have a "stay cation" for Spring Break -- this crew is hitting the road next year!  Happy Spring -- but BRING ON SUMMER!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feb/March Catch-up!

Okay, so my MANY vacation blogs  made me quit blogging for a bit -- but I'm back and am going to get caught up! After returning for vacay - we resumed regular duties -- quite daunting when you are still on Island time:) but we managed!  We met Pop, CiCi, Auntie M and Adam at Outback one Friday night - and brought a friend . . . this is how the boys looked the entire time at dinner - glued to electronics! (hey, it kept them busy and quiet!)

 Evan and I took a quick mid-week trip to Lower Arkansas to do some Foster's business and to pick up Blu and spend the night at the "Arkadelphia House".  We spent one day in Little Rock at the zoo.

 Evan LOVED the penguin exibit!
 Evan's buddy had been in Mexico for 2 weeks - so Evan was glad to have him back! They are trying out my new dining room table with Legos!

 Evan LOVES to eat lunch at Subway - so after some park playing one day while the boys were in school we hit the sub shop!  This boy can put away an entire 6 inch sandwich, bag of chips and a chocolate chip cookie - no lie!
 We are keeping Blu while Pop and CiCi are in Costa Rica -- Him and coco are becoming the best of buds!
Do you notice anything different about Jayden?  Well, he got a hair cut!  Like a MAJOR hair cut!  He decided he wanted to try his hair shorter (he hasn't had his hair this short since he was little!)  Guess who his hair stylist is . . . ME - I was a little nervous about this one, because it was such a change - but I think I did pretty good!  He likes it - he can switch up his look - spikey to side swept!
One day I searched the entire house, twice! . . . yelling, "Evan" - no Evan . . . finally went out on the deck and guess who was IN the dog house with BOTH CoCo and Blu!  Silly Kid - he then smelt like a dog all day!
There's my random catch up post! DONE!

One-- Zero! The Big Double Digit Birthday!

Jayden wanted to celebrate his double digit birthday with a skating party -- and this 80's raised Momma was just fine with that!
However, skating is not near as easy as I remembered!
Kerry rocked!  He helped the struggling skaters!
check out Kyler getting his skate on!
 . .  And Evan!
The mover and shaker, the birthday boy himself!
10 Years old! 10 Years old!  Just can't believe it!

Skating, Pizza and Cookie Cake!

Somebody got his Mom's limbo skills :)!  How low can you go?

Happy Birthday to my first baby boy!  We are super proud of the 10 year old he has become - can't wait to see what the next 10 years bring!