Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer of 2011 Sum-up

Well, summer of 2011 has passsed . . . so sad, it was a good summer! School let out on Thursday June 2 - we had 73 fun filled days of summer vacation: we were out of town 37 of those day! Wow- we did some flittering around! Alot of this summer has already been blogged - but here are some random events that never got blogged and deserve to be remembered!
Canoieng the Elk River with Pop, CiCi, Aunti M and Ms. Weez . . .

I don't have any pics of the real action - like when Jayden's canoe tumped (I don't think he will be teaming up with Aunti M and Ms. Weez next time:)) or Kyler's excitement in Pop and CiCi's canoe -- come to think of it . . . mine, Kerry and Evan's canoe might have been the safest :) - go figure!

Then there was some snake hunting in Arkadelphia . . . (soooo redneck, I know!)

Actually this was just one afternoon after Reddie Football camp - sadly and scare-ly enough - it didn't take long to spot several snakes!

and you can't go to Arkadelphia without hitting Feaster Trail - even in 100+ degree temps!

Evan practiced up on his Sharpe skills . . .somebody needs to shave:)!

The above pic shows the boys in post condo swimming mode -- snacking on the couch glued to the Disney Channel!

More Hot Springs hanging out --

Some Beaver Lake living . . .

Some bike riding . . . these pics are at Prairie Grove Battlefield Park. . .

Tulsa Aquarium . . . Libby and Mason joined us! The boys table . . .
Libby and Mason feeding the sting rays . . .
The boys feeding the sting rays . . .

Food Glorius FOOD! This absolutely deserves its own post! Kyler went through many food challenges this summer - ADDING foods to his diet! His very first hamburger . . EVER!

River Life on the caddo with the Oosterhous crew . . we even got to crash in the guest house!

Nothing like 6 stair step boys hanging out on the river . . .fun times! Thanks Ms. Kara and boys!
And it wouldn't be summer if we didn't spend an afternoon at mid-america!
There you go - I think I might be caught up now! There are some pictures from Sheridan/Carlisle trip - Kerry has those on his phone - I'll try to post - but I'm not making any promises:)! It involved some kittens, four-wheeler riding, dirt biking, cattle feeding fun! That's all folks! 'til next summer!

Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School 2011

Look Out Ledbetter and Williams - The Pitts Boys are headed your way! Anatomy of a 2nd Grader: scull t-shirt, plaid shorts, new Merrells complete with bright yellow bungies, jet black north face backpack and his monogramed blue lunch box. Kyler is my simple guy - he quickly selects the solid color items and clothing is all about comfort! (remember - I used to call him my hippy child!) oh yes - and a matching blue water bottle with flip top.

Anatomy of a 4th Grader: scull t-shirt with over-layed plaid shirt ( a little hot for this, but the boy has style!), cargo shorts, new Merrells complete with bright yellow bungies, black and bright green north face backpack, mongrammed orange lunchbox with a lizard on it and a matching orange water bottle. Jayden has his own style as well - and green and orange are his favorite colors this year - his hair will resume normal fluffyness once it drys.

We made it to both schools without a hitch (this is my first time to drop them off at different schools). Kyer said the other day he better enjoy this year because it's his only chance to have the whole school to himself -- meaning without brothers :) Have fun boys! A great year it will be!

Twas The Night Before School Starts 2011 . . .

I feel like I just posted this last week for a 1st grader and 3rd grader --- how times does fly! Well, here we are again - first day clothes layed out, backpacks ready, lunches packed, bellies full of "last day of summer" dinner - speghetti, salad, corn and rolls and oatmeal cookies for dessert. . . Kerry said there's nothing like the first day of school- meaning of course - that by week two I will scrambling for clothes morning of, stuffing lunch boxes as I walk out the door and they will be shoveling food in as they exit the house! For now . . . the house is quiet and picked up and we have 3 sleeping sweeties . . . One future 4th grader-- enetering the big world of Ledbetter Intermediate, seated front and centered in Mrs. Mueller's classroom (she must have gotten the memo!)- and ready for changing classes, picking his own seat in the lunchroom and the cool bigger playground with more basketball goals!

One future 2nd grader, returning to Pop Williams and seated front and center in Mrs. Schmitt's classroom (he'll be in the back by week two - once they realize he is NOT his brother!) Ready to see old friends, tell tales from summer and check out the new improved basketball goals he longed for last year at recess!

And agian, one future Ruler of the Roost (his monarchy is about up!) He will resume position in the living room - sitting in whoever's spot he wants to, watching his choice of programming, playing with any toy he wants, hitting the playground and gym at FAC with Mom and well -- ruling the roost!


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summin' up the Bummin'

Thanks to Tropical storm Dan -- we had a different ocean to play in the last part of the week - no more tranquil calm terquoise waters. Plus - an inner beach pond was created - the perfect spot for catching jellies!CRAZY big waves! The word WIPEOUT comes to mind!

Kyler catchin' a wave. . . Evan catchin' a wave. . . Me catchin' a wave. . . Jayden catchin' a wave . . . (Kerry caught some too, just no pics!)The boys would bring their finds to the bucket so all could check them out!Beach photo shoot: Notice Evan is having a moment -he got sand in his face (wonder how that happend?) Checking out the Lighthouse . . .Dinner at Craptrap!Every Pitts' boy loves some crab!My favorite position . . . loungin'! Our final Florida night . . . dinner on the docks with some stylin' boys!

Sittn' on the dock of the bay . . .

So long Florida! You will be missed by the Pitts crew!