Monday, November 30, 2009

I am THANKFUL for. . .

Family, good food, and . . . . . . poo-poo?

The last addition was made by Evan at Thanksgiving dinner blessing. AND he really IS thankful for poo-poo: because that's all he talks about these days --"potty talk" is running rampid in our household , and about the time I began to gain some control over it, Auntie M surprised the boys with whoopie cushions --lots of laughs, but here we go again!

This is how our Thanksgiving went. . .

We had planned on being in Sheridan on Thanksgiving Day, but that didn't work out this year, so we spent the day lounging at home -- football, playing and putting up the christmas tree -- plus it was my Birthday! We didn't eat real thanksgiving food, we saved that for later, so it was just a good relaxing day.

On Friday we headed to Carlisle and got to eat some Nicks with Meme and the other Pitts' crew and the boys got to play with their favorite cousins - Morgan and Maddie.

On Saturday we headed to Arkadelphia for our official Thanksgiving Day Celebration. Mim and Uncle Mike were there to celebrate as well as our K-9 family members - CoCo and Sheema. We ate yummy turkey, dressing, and all the fixins! (pumkin pie too of course -- my fav!) Also - celebrated Pop's whopping 60th Birthday that is coming up. Aunti M flew from her new home in Texas to celebrate with us! And --- I can't leave out Evan's new girlfriend - Miss Molly Williams! "her is soo cute" per Evan -- I think I see an arranged marriage! Jayden and Kyler got to play with Matthew and I got to catch up with Jenny. It was a great day! And yes, we have LOTS to be thankful for . . . . even poo-poo, Evan!

* you know the drill - pics from Arkadelphia can be seen on Mom' blog!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Cold Weather is here. . . we even saw a few flurries yesterday morning on the way to school. Look at Kyler all snug and bundled before school.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Open Season

The boys took off on Friday for their GREAT GRANT COUNTY ADVENTURE! Yes, as all those crazy camo hunters hauling trailers, 4-wheelers, and hunters orange descended into hunting heaven, my boys were right there part of the action! As I was told, they prepared deer stands, hunted, took breaks at the house, and saw ALL the action, as friends dropped by throughout the weekend to eat some Gumbo and Boiled Shrimp (courtesy of Frydaddy!) and show off their kill. Besides all the hunting action, they also fed goats, shot the Beebe gun (a few squirrels are a little gun shy, due to Jayden!),played with cats, rabbits, cows and horses. WHEH! it makes me tired just thinking about it! The boys were exhausted (including Kerry) when they returned.

And what you ask were Evan and I up to? Well, we headed to Pop and CiCi's lake house for a mini getaway. Evan was feeling so left out, we had to do something to make it special, and you know how he loves the lake house. Thanks to Papaw and Ninny for providing such a great hunting camp for my boys -- they'll be back!
*"Mr. Mike" and Hayden were part of the crew that headed down from NWA. Here's a pic of Hayden and Papaw.
*I was dependent on Kerry for pics - so no cute group photos of boys in camo, like I had hoped for!

Yea Kerry!

Take a look at this. . .
Kerry got this award at their Quarterly Sales Meeting. The VP flew in from Dallas to present it to him! We are so proud!

Take a look at the region this includes. . . what an honor!

Bikes, BOOKS and Barbeque

The boys' school had the coolest program last week. Kerry had a home builders association meeting, so the boys and I made this adventure on our own. There was food to eat (we didn't partake in this part, but it looked good), bike raffles, and the book fair. The boys got to buy MORE books at the book fair, and even Evan got to get a book. THEN, after we had gotten home, I got a call that EVAN had won a bike!!!! Can you beleive this?? I don't think I have ever won anything! The boys were so excited - we are actually saying that the "pitts brothers" won a bike and it is still (one week later) sitting in my living room!