Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fun with the Fam

The end of the season is drawing near. .  and that means you have to get on up to NWA soon if you want to see a Pittsboy in action!  Papaw drove up for a day of games, as did Pop/CiCi and The Johnson crew! 
 Pitts boys!

Johnson girls!

 This is all I see of Kerry during 4 straight hours on the field with him!  
 The Daily crew! (some silly kids!)
 Evan's last flag football game of the season!  It was fun to watch him play this year!
We sure do love having such a fun cheering section!  Another Saturday of games is done, only 2 more to go!

Fall Fun

The weather has cooled off a bit over the last few weeks.. .  and that means it's time to start burning stuff!  The Pitts have their fire Pit in full swing!  Even Rascal enjoys an evening marshmellow roast!
 I got to keep Avery one Friday.  We had lunch at PF Changs with Auntie M, did a little shopping and then headed back to Fayetteville to hang at the house and entertain the boys afterschool.
 Poor Miss Avery wasn't feeling her best, she chose to snooze!  We will have to see her "tricks" next time!
And then, a weekend of games again!  Lots of football, basketball and flag football!

Weekday Football Fun

Usually, we only have games on on Saturdays . .  but, because of the weather we had games for the Cards on Monday night this week.  Talk about a late night!  We didn't get home from the fields til 10:30! On a school night! Wild - I know :)
 I have literally HUNDREDS of game pics for EACH grade games - I am in the process of putting them up on a website - so, in order to actually catch up on my blogging - I am only putting the obviously Pitts pics on the blog for now! I don't have the patience to scroll through all those - maybe (I said maybe) I'll do one big football post with some more Pitts action shots, later!)
 For now, a little side line Pitts tackling will have to do!
 Evan had a make up flag football game as well -- darn rain, messed up everything!  Plus, we were going to have a whole section of LA and LA  (Lower Arkansas and Louisiana) fans - but they flew back south and had to miss the Pittsboy game day action :(
Evan made another touchdown this game . .  of course I didn't get a pic of that.  But it happened! and it was exciting!  Go Saints!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Red Out Ready

These boys have spirit!  Friday before school I talked them into a pic! 
 Thursday night was spent preparing for the class tailgate parties at Ledbetter.  Pop, CiCi and Mim all stopped by for a bit on their way to the lakehouse.  

Mrs. Miller's class is #1

 It was a fun afternoon of tailgating with the 4th graders!  Evan got checked out of school to come and hang out with the big kids and go to the pep rally!
Due to stormy weather starting early Saturday morning - Peewee games have been rescheduled.  To top it off, Evan started running a fever on Friday night  . .  this has been the laziest Saturday we have had in quite a while!  Stay tuned. . .  football games will be in full force on Monday!

September Send-off Weekend

The last weekend in September was no different than the rest - full days of fun!  The Cards had away games in Pea Ridge and Evan had a basketball game and a flag football game here - so we had to do split duty.  Poor Cards had to play FOUR full games in the POURING, I mean POURING rain!  When they got home they were soaking wet, stripped down and headed straight for the hot tub to warm up.  Needless to say, we did not go to the Hog game like planned - we sat in our DRY living room and watched it!
 Lucky for me, we were rain free during Evan's game. He made a TOUCHDOWN! It was the last play of the game and I had already put my camera up and MISSED IT! No pictures of our Saints player weaving 40 yards down the field with a trail of players behind him!  Super Exciting!
 Sunday was a super pretty day and was spent outside!  The boys played basketball, trapsed around the woods and found some dead trees to cut down!

I"m sure I will post in more detail about this later. . . but bow season is here and we have a deer blind in our backyard and Jayden is patiently waiting to get that backyard buck!  He hit the blind prior to the crack of dawn on opening day - he saw an armadillo, a ground hog and a doe and her two babies . .  he's waiting for the buck!