Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Islanders Part 6, Final Hop: Spring Break 2013

Miami bound with some stops along the way!
I guess it's time to get back to reality, Bye Bye Keys!
We headed straight for Holiday Isle to do some Gator hunting and air boat riding (in previous post).  We stayed at an Embassy Suites close to the airport where we could get in some last minute swimming before heading home.

As all 5 us lugged our luggage and carry ons from the rental car place to check-in-- I had a flip flop mis-hap!  The moving side walk ATE IT, WHILE IT WAS ON MY FOOT!  The craziest thing!  Thankfully my big toe is still attached! The rest of the crew was ahead of me and just kept on moving.  Not knowing that an entire group of people behind me got jolted to a halt.  3 Men got down on hands and knees and tried to pull my flop out - it wasn't happening - only the heel was still showing!  I guess you could say . . . I blew out my flip flop!  Not quite what Jimmy Buffet had in mind!
 Besides that craziness, the rest of the trip was pretty smooth flying.  Mr. Mountain Dew was worn out this go around!
These boys are happy with snacks and their electronics.  It was SNOWING and COLD when we got back to Fayetteville.  We are still trying to adjust to this Non-Island Living!  Sunshine, water, sand, palm trees and fun . .  a great getaway with all my guys!

Islanders Part 6, Islamarada: Spring Break 2013

It's time to hop on back up the Keys and we can't leave without a night at the "Iguana Condo" in Islamarada!
 We got there in time for some evening jet skiing . . . we didn't get enough in Key West!
 Kerry got to take some spins by himself. . . I think he enjoyed the open waters!

A snack and Dr. Pepper ocean dock side . . . perfection!
 Dinner on the water with a band, hanging with the locals!  A perfect Keys send off!
Check out this video of the boys.

It was great last night in the Keys before our last hops to Miami!

Islanders Part 5, Key West: Spring Break 2013

We didn't spend all our time lounging it up - we had fun in town as well!  DJ's Clam Shack became a quick favorite - two words:  Lobster Roll, need I say more!  

Ripley's Believe it or not is a must stop for these boys! As well as our favorite Key West Aquarium . . no pics of that though!

Our first night in Key West, Kyler and Evan wanted to hang at the room so Kerry and Jayden hit the town and Jayden got in a show on Mallory Square!  You MUST watch this video and listen . . so fun!

Kerry got in on the action, too!
Future street performer?? . . . I think he's got it!
Kyler liked watching the bands . . he's our Drummer Boy!
Crab legs and sea food . .  it's what's for dinner at Two Friends.  YUM!
Who doesn't want a parrot on their shoulder.  I mean too cool!

For the next three pics you need to flash back to previous Key West trips.  We have pics of Jayden and Kyler getting "bit" by this shark when they were 3 and 5, so we just had to recreate it!
 Watch out Evan, he bites!
 Don't let him get you agian, Kyler!
Watch out Panama Jack . . I mean Jayden!

We were in Key West for 4 days, so we had plenty of time to take it all in.  Duval street is never disappointing to this crew!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Islanders Part 4, Casa Marina: Spring Break 2013

Casa Marina was a favorite last year so we had to return!  We had a beach front suite this year - so we had much more room!  Seaside and poolside meals, popsicles and drinks, games, swimming and water sports all in the most calming environment imaginable . .  we are a little on the rowdy side for Casa Marina :) but that's ok!
Can't beat it!
Kerry getting serious about some bean bag tossing.
Evan getting serious about some relaxing:)
before a night on the town.
Me getting serious about some lounging and pina colada - the best, by the way!
Sand play.
This dang raft caused more problems than anything... rowdy games of conquering the island caused a Pitts boy or two or three to be put in time out!
We were wowed by Kyler's hoola hoop skills.... he said he had never done it, just seen the girls do it at recess.  Well, he's awesome at it!
Poolside picnic for lunch . .  mahi mahi dip, shrimp, fries and conch fritters.  I can't think of anything much better than that for a picnic!
Jayden conquered the Scout program!  That's not a mean face that's his "I'm tough and I did it" face!  He got a map with clues and collected all the hidden arm bands -- even had to walk to the sister property for part of it - he was given some free reign this year.
Jayden getting serious about some bean bag tossing, too.
Again . . . lounging is my island thing :)  I had a chair about 15 steps away that was beach side and switched according to where the boys wanted to be.
We just had to fit in some water sports . .  jet skiing!

Evan and Kerry.
 Evan running toward me telling me how AWESOME it was :)!
 Kyler and Kerry.  Kyler loves it - he says it's just a four wheeler on water and we know how much he loves a four wheeler!
 Jayden and Kerry.  Jayden is conquering his little fear of boats - look at him!  (I mean jet skis and airboats in one trip - way to face your fears!)
Casa Marina from the pier. . . I will miss this place.  It is what relaxing is all about!

Islanders Part 3, Sea Turtles and Gators: Spring Break 2013

On our way from Hawk's Cay (Marathon) to Key West we stopped off at the Sea Turtle Hospital for a tour.  The boys learned alot and were front and center the entire tour and asking questions.  This was right up their alley!

We saw the hospital and rehab facility and lots of sea turtles!
I'm going to skip ahead a bit and go ahead and post about our other animal adventure - Gators with the Gator Boys!  We did this the last day since it was in Holiday Isle right outside Miami in the everglades.  We took an airboat out to see alligators in their natural habitat - really cool!  Plus we were at the place where they film the "Gatorboys" tv show - which the boys watch and love!

The air boat went really fast and just skimmed the top of the water - pretty cool!

I hope this is the only time I am that close to a wild gator!
After the airboat we saw some of the the alligators that they had recently rescued - they hold them there until they can place them in a zoo, etc.
The boys also got to hold a baby gator . .  which is always fun!

The Pitts family fixing to explore the everglades . . .