Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pace Yourself

"Pace Yourself", the Pitts quote of the month :)!  Although that sounds simple (especially when you have an implanted device for just that purpose!) . .  kinda hard to slow things down much around here!  Speaking of "slow" . .  how about these Pittsboys meeting Mountain Man . .  and as they said, "he really does talk that slllloooowwww!"  
The annual Bikes, Book and BBQ at Williams had a surprise special guest!  Mountain Main just happens to be a relative of a classmate! How cool!
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that we had our last football game of the season!  Here is Kerry getting presented with his Jersey case for our 6th grader!
Ok -so my little health issues really messed up our much anticipated first weekend off of football trip!  We were supposed to go to Oxford for the Ole Miss/AR game, Hotty Toddy it up and hang in the Grove; then head south to NOLA for the Cowboys/Saints game, eat some charbroiled oysters and live up some Cajun life! INSTEAD I headed to Arkadoo to be baby-ed and the boys headed to Sheridan for Deer camp.  Not quite what we had planned . . . but ended up being just what we needed!
The boys got to see the other Pitts crew at the Yellow Jacket Game and see Morgan perform at her last home game.  Plus they had lots of fun hunting, feeding animals and spinning wheels in the fields!  On the way home, we stopped by Wedington Animal Hospital to pick up Coco and ended up adopting "Waldo"!

Somewhere in all this, Jayden had a B-day party one night and Kerry and I got a glimpse of life in a few years. . .  waiting up on our son before we could go to bed! Looks like a wild crew! (It was a "Camo and Bandanna" party . . that's the reason for all the camo!)
It's the boogie woogie bugle boy from company 6 and his friend "Bob Hope"!
Best buddie bugle boys!
 This kid had spunk!  The next day, he got called in to be an emergency bugle boy for the other grade!  So, he performed two days in a row!
 Evan was so excited when he woke up . .  he said it was like Christmas morning! Pop made it a special day!
 He even made the paper!!!
 This weekend (wheh, I think I might just be caught up on the blog before Thanksgiving . .  wahoo!) Jayden and Kerry took their first official Duck camp trip to Augusta and look what they brought back!!  
 That's right . .  pace yourself. . . time is flying by!  We are doing our best to enjoy every minute!  As for now . .  we have a Cowboys game on the tube, a hot fire, sleet falling, chili in the tummy and lounging . .  the perfect after church activities! Jayden is enjoying improved sight . .  doesn't he look cute in his new specs!  
Bring on the Giving of Thanks!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


 I"m not going to lie . .  the Pitts crew had one heck of a rough week!  We went from fun fall festivities to the Emergency Room in a heart beat (well maybe, in a bunch of racing heart beats!)  One minute you are returning from a family Halloween party, the next you are tearfully heading to the ER with what is sure to be a broken heart.  It AMAZES me how calmly this all went down. Luckily, Pop and CiCi were minutes away and friends were ready to keep the Pittsboys moving as normal.  

 Really the specifics of the ER happenings are best just summed up . .  scary!  When your heart is not operating properly, it's just SCARY!  After several  attempts to slow it down (stopping my heart and starting it up again- was involved . .  scary!) we were moved to a cardiology room and would remain there until Thursday.  I just remember thinking in the ER. .  wait, I need a second to say a quick prayer before you do this next thing.  Thankfully, I'm pretty sure I had some prayers going up on my behalf.
The boys were entertained during all of this with a birthday party for Evan's friend and some outings with CiCi and Pop.

Business as usual for the Pittsboys Thanks to CiCi and Pop.  What a rough week to have to pick up the pieces on . .  Drug free week means theme days EVERY day, so it wasn't just your average week!
Again, so many friends came through for us . .  keeping our boys going . . Halloween dances, football activities and just being there to occupy them and keep their minds from worry.  

Pumpkin carving day with Daddy!  Kerry was a champ - work duties, daddy duties and sleepless nights at the hospital taking care of me.

 Although at the time I didn't feel a joyful heart . .  hind sight I am so grateful for the way things happened . . because it could have been so much worse.  I was wheeled in for a fix the problem procedure and wheeled out with an unexpected pacemaker, after some retrospect and healing --now my heart couldn't be more joyful!
I was home by Halloween night, but wasn't quite up for the Halloween candy haul - my little spooks hauled it in though!
 The boys last day to wear jerseys to school.  We were happy to be reunited and beginning to get things back to normal.  I am WOWed by the loads of food (w/great attention to allergies as well!) that has been delivered to us for 2 weeks!  I am WOWed that my Mom can handle the stress of her" baby" being sick, and keep the Pitts household moving. I am WOWed by the concern, prayers, thoughts and offers to help with the kids.  I am WOWed by it all!  Much Love and Much Thanks to all who did and still are WOWing us!

I can't think of a better way to begin a NEW week with a NEWly joyful heart, than by watching these two angelic boys bring the light of the world into the church and out into the world.  Kyler's first acolyte duty involved extra lighting (as it was dedication Sunday) and was communion Sunday . . these two brothers shown bright!  Oh, how things have changed in a weeks time and Oh, how joyful our hearts are!

Fall Festivities!

We like some Halloween fun too!  It's always fun (and a little stressful) to come up with our own costumes!  This year we were "Johnny Football" and his cheerleader.  It was the perfect night for our costumes, because Johnny got a little banged up in the game that day, luckily we had a sling to add to the costume!  It was a fun party as always! Can't wait til next years!  A huge THANK YOU to Avery and Miranda- I got to spend a fun day with them cutting out the letters for our costumes!
 We aren't all Party around here . . . these cute boys just happen to be honor roll boys as well! Yay! for the first of report cards! 

 Football!  The season is winding down. . . but we are still playing and coaching strong!  I didn't get very many pics at this out of town game.  I was in the midst of my Midnight Mascaraed preparations!  I got there late, and left early to get gussied up for a night of unmasking!  Pop and CiCi were there to cheer on the boys!
 It was a hit! Kerry finished up football game, packed up, headed back to town, changed clothes, met the babysitter and made it for the last part of the event.  
 Our AWESOME committee!  We put together a fun event for a great cause!
(looking back . . . ohhh so blissfully unaware of the chaos to hit the next day!)

The party doesn't stop there . . . Sunday, we masked back up for the annual family Halloween party at the Johnson's.  The boys did a  little sneak attack upon entrance.  That's the only pic I got??!! oh well!  This turned out to be the start of many unexpected events . . . but it is always fun to hang out with the fam and celebrate the fall!