Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Groundhog Day

I'm kinda mad at that little hog, this is one winter I am truly ready to be done with! I seriously feel like I am in the movie . .  snowed in, keep the fire going, watch movies, pack, cook, eat, sleep, startover  . . next day . . and next)
 Sunday was supposed to be minimal winter action . . uh wrong! We went into church with a little dusting and left in almost white out conditions!  It took us an hour to get home.  There were cars sliding all over the place!  We even slid into a parked car coming out of church ( I actually took this picture while Kerry was leaving a note on the other car!)
 Evan and Kyler took in a little snow play . . I don't think they have been back out unless they are leaping to the hot tub!

Of course, this is the perfect time for one of us to go on a trip, right?!! I think this snow storm may be my payback for my NYC trip when they were snowed in a for a week!  Kerry flew out on Monday for the Home Builders Show in Vegas (jealous!).  I can't be too jealous, because I had every opportunity to go . . I just thought it would be more trouble than it was worth to be gone during the week . . however, If I would have known we would be fixing to build a house I would for sure be there!! Kerry better take good notes, I could have gotten tones of ideas for the new house! Oh well! For now, I am enjoying these snow days watching fireside movies with my boys and de-cluttering/packing up rooms! I feel like I'm trying to smuggle bags of goods over the border with these loads to goodwill . .  can't let them get a glimpse of anything or you are caught! 
That's a fine looking group of Foster's employees! Man, that sun in yours eyes must be rough :)! 

Courtside Cardinal Watching

We do some bird watching on Saturday mornings. . . only a few Saturdays left before the end of the year tournament.  It sure is fun to cheer on Kyler's team!
 You may notice that Kyler is a different number at this game . .  that's cause I couldn't find his jersey.  Seriously, how do you loose a jersey between Tuesdays pictures and Saturday's game ??!! As Evan would say, "I do no I idea"! haha! (we have told him the right way to say it and he still says it that way! and it's just so cute :)) 

Go Cards!

Monday, February 3, 2014

It's SUITE to be 10

Kyler decided on a Suite B-day celebration.  Just a "few" friends for the night at the Embassy Suites in Rogers! (my idea and his idea of a "few" are not the same!) It sure was fun!  Lots of boys, lots of food, lots of fun! and lots of basketball schedules to work around . . but we did it!  

 There was also a 9 year old birthday girl and her party to swim with

 The girls did stunts . .  so the boys had to do the same! 
 Pizza, presents and cake!

Next morning . . breakfast and sports highlights before delivering boys.  Some were returned home, some were basketball ready for their game in Elkins and some were off to Gentry for their game . . wheh! 
 It was a fun celebration of 10 with his friends!  My blue eyed, crazy cozy coupe drivin' boy will be driving a real car before you know it!