Wednesday, February 18, 2015


That's right, this little bundle of joy who came into our lives on February 15th 2002 is 13!!!
 This Birthday King had meals planned out from breakfast to dinner . . . spicy turkey bacon and apple turnovers for breakfast, paninis for lunch and lasagna, broc/cheese soup, salad and cake for dinner!  Plus, a day of shopping!  We shopped for clothes and shoes . .  teenager stuff;)! And topped it off with a family night at the movies.  He will be celebrating with friends later, but we sure enjoyed our day celebrating with this TEEN!
Happy Birthday Jayden Phillip!

Some Bunny Loves You!

I got to start off the Valentines celebrations with a date night with my favorite 5th grader!  The Mother/Son Italian Feast was Thursday night and I had the best date!  Those 5th grade boys put on a super cute performance!  Kyler and I just pretended to eat the "feast" - we had secret plans to jet off to Joe's Italian for our own (Kyler safe) Feast ;)! It was a special time with my Middle Man!
 Then it was back to Valentines Day realities . .  V-day boxes to finish up and classroom cards to prepare!  Evan put on the pressure when he told me that ALL his friends were talking about how he always has the BEST Valentines boxes . . pressure, pressure!
 I don't think he disappointed!  His model . .  Noel, was the inspiration!
Kyler had a SLAM DUNK of an idea for his! Love! 

 It's time to get our party on!  5th Grade is up first!

 Then on to some 2nd grade partying!

 Where oh Where is our 7th grade sweetheart???  He's layed up on the couch with a little virus . .  but, he didn't miss much - 7th grade doesn't get much love in the party department!  Somehow, Kerry and I got to escape for a nice dinner at Mermaids on Friday night . . crab stuffed steak and martinis to celebrate with my sweetheart!
 Saturday was the perfect day to unwind after a week of LOVE.  We did a little house cleaning while the boys played.  At one point 8 plus kids were running up and down my stairs and using the trench for the propane tank as their war zone!  Nothing breaks in a new house like the pitter patter off boys feet!
Wheh! What a fun week!  Evan is trying out the couch in the Johnson's Airstream!  It is temporarily parked in our driveway and quite a cool hangout spot!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

February Fun

We spent every night this week at basketball tournaments cause this team kept winning  . . well, until Wednesday night :(.  That last one was a nail biter til the end!  Kyler and his teammates played some exciting bball this season!  
 If you can't find me . .  I'm probably walking around our house, just dreamin' of move in day!  Things are getting exciting . .  cabinets are in and they are finishing up trim so they can start PAINT!  Below is our butlers pantry/coffee station . .  I can't wait to make my coffee there! And the mudroom bench - I can just picture three backpacks hanging there!
 My Kitchen! (still needs a little trim to go on the hood) I'm in love with it and my island is going to be a perch for 4 barstools for hungry boys! 
 This is a pic from last week - it's further along now -- but this is the fireplace from the family room . 
 and here is the other side from the entry and dining room.  Kerry, Pop and Papaw got the old barn wood from Sheridan for the upper section of the fireplace this weekend . . I can't wait to see it!
 This is a "during" picture of the boys tile - it's all done now.  I love this drift wood tile in their bathrooms!
It's crunch time . .  we are ready to get in our house! Basketball is over for the season - so this was our first lazy Saturday in I don't know how long!  We are in light fixture, furniture planning, pack it up mode!  We've got a wild week ahead of us . . it's the week of LOVE which means 90 valentines are in my future, a mother/son Italian feast date with my Middle Man and some crazy, sugar high Valentines day parties. Love is all you need, right?! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Jumpstart

A waffle house breakfast after an early service acolyte duty . .  a great way to start a new week!

I can't think of a better way to start the Spring semester than with a GEO Bee Champ!  School wide (6th, 7th and 8th grades) This kiddo rocked the Bee!  First place!  
 We have been spending lots of time at the Gym.  Jayden and Kyler are both playing and Kerry announces at the Jr High and High School games.

 The pictures of this day just don't do it justice . .  we moved this building up into a trailer. wheh!  The bunny barn is now sitting in its new home in our new backyard!  We sure are thankful that the Johnson's didn't need their chicken coop at their new home - because it is going to make the perfect home for the Pitts bunnies!
 Jayden is mastering a new instrument . .  a ukulele.  I love it because it sounds so beachy!  He has plans to be a street performer over spring break in Key West :)!
 What happens when boys are on pinterest?  Well, new afterschool snacks that involved hot dogs and noodles, of course!

 I started back to counseling, but am still making my Wednesday lunch dates!
 We got to have a late Birthday celebration with his cute 2 year old!  We sure miss her now that she is in North Carolina!
Well folks, that's all for January!  Of course things are hopping at the new house  but we haven't moved yet!  February will be our last month in the rent house . . hallelujah! Trim, Cabinets and paint are up next and we are going to start packing up for the big move! 

Christmas Break Fun

We kept our days full over Christmas Break.  We checked out the new High Rise and quickly realized it is a new Pitts boy favorite hangout!

 Jayden went on a youth group ski trip.  It was his first real "trip" without us :( He had a blast!  As you can see . . he was in charge of pictures!

 While Jayden was away, we got in a little Avery play at Jump Zone.
 Pittsboys are a little old for Jump Zone play. . .but they watched over and protected Avery so she could play.
 Pop and Kyler doing a little Jump Zone chillaxin.
 We spent one night at the Embassy Suites to get us out of the rent house and enjoy some swimming and relaxing.  It was a great break and we really weren't ready to return to school - oh-well, spring semester let's do this!

King Kyler!

Eleven Years Old! I can't believe it!  Kyler Dell spent his Birthday spending some Birthday money and being KING for the day! 
 He picked his dinner menu, cake and all activities had to go through the King all day long . .  he makes a great KING!  He is holding out for a party in the new house - so more Birthday celebrating is in his future!  What a great year it has been!  We sure love this Eleven year old and can't wait to see the awesomeness ahead of him!