Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Snow Dudes. . .

Well, the snow is just about gone, and the snow predicted for today turned out to be just rain . . HOWEVER, before it melted we had some fun with Auntie M on Saturday! She came down to do some sledding -- and it was nice to have someone else who "screamed like a girl" all the way down:)!
We also created some snow dudes of our own!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Snow Dudes

All it takes is some snow and these boys become Snow Dudes! Somehow, we have missed on the snow so far this year --- we were in LA during the xmas snow, barely grazed with 2 inches at last weeks snow, but THIS snow --the sledding was ON!

The boys heading down our hill to the sled slopes . . .

Evan really enjoyed sledding this year. After each time he would say, "that was AWESOME!". (shhh - don't tell him he has the worst sled--busted from last years wild sled days and barely escaped the Goodwill load . . .but he LOVES it!)

Snow dude Jayden . . .

All three boys in action . . .

Kerry joining the fun . . .I sledded too, but as the boys said I "screamed like a GIRL", the whole way down:)

I was just getting a random pic of the action and realized that Evan is peeing! (He's on the far left) When a boys gotta go, a boys gotta go!

Snow dude Kyler . . .

Snow dude Evan . . .

The boys are defiantly geared up and excited about their spring break snow skiing trip! Right now we are on day 2 of no school-- boys are playing a wrestling game of hide and go seek, we've got a bucket of KFC, Block Buster movies, a fire and are waiting for the next wave that is headed our way!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Jr.League Mascot

I am on the Cookbook committee this year for Jr. League - so, on Sunday I had to work at the Women's Expo -- Jayden was my little helper! He actually helped out at the last show we did, and although I thought he would be bored to tears - he had a blast!

I don't think he stayed in our booth more than 2 minutes at time! He would prance around in his Jr. League apron and "exhibitor badge" (he was quite proud of that!) and check out all the other booths and get free stuff! I mean - we were there from 10am-5pm . . that's a lot of prancing!

One exhibitor stopped me and told me how "cute" my son was and reported that when he would walk down the aisle with the speakers he would dance as he walked to the music:) By the end most of the exhibitors knew him!

This is his MILLION dollar game that he LOVED! It is the robot that they use in surgery - the surgeon was there and raving about how good Jayden could maneuver it! They even took pictures of him to send to the hospital CEO! If I couldn't find Jayden, chances are he was here - demonstrating for the crowd! Really --- it was amazing -- he could tie knots on the these tiny rubber bands using the robotic hands!

Future Surgeon????? I don't know. . . but defiantly he was in his element!

Roll out the Red Carpet. . .

Kyler had his Birthday party at the Movie theater this weekend! They saw "Tron 3D" and LOVED it! Their seats were roped off with popcorn and cokes waiting!

Before the movie we celebrated with Birthday Cake and presents in a party room . . .

It was a fun party! I think it's definantly a do-again kinda party . . .fairly easy - because once they are watching the movie they are all entertained! (and that's hard to do with a buncha 1st grade boys!)
Most importantly -- Kyler had a FUN time with friends! It was a great celebration:)!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Say CHEESE!! (please, please!)

Can I just say that the thought of a family photo shoot causes instant panic within me . . .I mean it's just so much pressure! You have to expect 3 rowdy boys (probably not in the best of moods) to ALL cooperate at the same time AND you and sig. other to cooperate and not look stressed . . . all the while trying to capture the essence of your family . . . yeah . . PRESSURE! However, we just happen to know the person who can capture that essence no matter the chaos (chasing dog, minor meltdown and failing bribery system!) . . .Meredith Curtis (AKA fav kindergarten teacher of Kyler)!

We had our photo shoot in November on the UofA campus . . .I think we got some great pics!

Jayden Phillip Pitts:

Kyler Dell Pitts:

Evan James Pitts:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Kerry and I left on Sunday morning to join all those Hog crazed fans in NOLA!! If you were listening to Bo's sports show covering the game then you heard that it was sponsered by Foster's Exterior Solutions! We didn't get to listen because we were in flight, but I am sure that all those that were driving down now know where to go for siding, gutters, windows and more:)!

We ate LOTS of great cajun food . .

We jogged over to Cafe' Du Monde one morning . . .however, not much jogging was done on the way BACK:)!

This was the balacony off our hotel room on Sunday night, it was very "New Orleans like".

Bourbon Street is crazy anyway, but add a bunch of Hog fans and Ohio fans, and it's a sea of red and crazyness!

See this food . . . we consumed this! oysters gallore and they were devine!!

This hog calling occurred in the restaurant . . it's kinda funny to be eating your dinner and suddenly thrust into a hog calling session -- and I'm sure it was quite annoying to Ohio fans!

Here's another restaurant hog calling . . .

Kerry and I on Bourbon street before the great migration to the stadium. Really, it was a migration . . . thousands of red wearing, team chanting fans followed aimlessly whoever was leading -down the streets of New Orleans - it was like we were heading to the mother ship!

This is the view from our hotel on Monday and Tuesday nights . . out one door you were on Bourbon and out the other on Canal . . a perfect location! We could hear hog calling into the wee hours!

The Hogs might not have won, but we still had a great time. AND - we certainly beat them in the spirit department! GEAUX HOGS!!!

***I certainly can't leave out that our babysitters came through for us!! Thanks to Papaw and Ninny and Pop and CiCi for splitting duty and keeping the Rowdy Bunch! I know that the boys had a great time while we were away:)!