Tuesday, April 22, 2014

345 Overlook Drive

. . . That's the Pitts future address!  After family left on Sunday, we headed over to our future home site for some exploring!
 I thought this little spot, right over the creek, looked like the perfect spot for the trampoline and swing set!  
 We set out some stakes, met some neighbors and the boys rode their bikes.  I just can't wait til our home is here!

Happy Easter 2014

Easter at it's best!  A wonderfully perfect day celebrating with family!

 The Easter Bunny hopped right down Double Springs!
 Pitts early morning hunt . .  courtesy of the Easter Bunny!
 Headed to Church - we met Pop, CiCi and Mim there.
 Easter Service acolytes - so proud of these boys for being part of such a special service!
I didn't get a before pic, or any group shots - but we celebrated with an Easter lunch before starting the EGGLYMPICS!
 Egg toss, sack races, spoon race and of course the egg hunt!
 I've never seen the boys laugh so hard, Jayden is doubled over!
 The ultimate EGG HEAD!

It was fun, friendly, family competition! Here are the stats: 
 Sack Race Winners:  Team 1 (Kyler, Evan, Pop and Melissa).  Egg Toss Winners:  Jayden and Adam.  Spoon Race Winners:  Team 2 (Pop, CiCi, Miranda, Melissa, Adam)  
 Time to HUNT!

Avery was toddling around, too - she had her own hunting area so she didn't get trampled by boys!
 ( The Eggs around their necks are the Egglympic medals)
Lots of fun!  The boys really got into the Egglympics - we might be practicing our sack racing skills around the house until next Easter . . so be ready!


It's been a few months since Jayden's birthday - but FINALLY we are celebrating!  Boys schedules are just hard to work around . .  we made it DOUBLE the fun and celebrated both Jayden and Evan S.'s birthdays with a SUITE blowout!

 Lots of friends, Lots of swimming, Lots of noise and Lots of fun! (NOT lots of sleep!)

Finishing up with Lots of doughnuts!
These boys had fun!  Kerry and I are about done with bunkin' parties for a while, wheh!
Always entertaining to be in the life of 12 year old boys and always fun to celebrate with a Pittsboy!  Happy Birthday Jayden Phillip!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saturday Scrambling

This past Saturday was a beautiful day for an early morning calf scramble!  The boys have joined our local 4H club and have been looking forward to this event!  I mean, we have every other kind of animal -why not add a calf, right?!  Actually, we had plans that if we won one, we were making a quick call to Papaw for a calf haul to Sheridan! 
 Kyler was able to scramble with the older age group, so he and Jayden got to team up . . but older kids weren't allowed in the younger division - so Kyler had to fly solo on that one.  Evan was too young this year.  
 This is how it goes:  you run to the calves, grab one (not as easy as it sounds!), harness it and pull it back to the winners circle.  Kerry had to give the boys a quick harnessing lesson!
 It was pretty comical!  The boys took off quick out of the gate, I caught a glimpse of Jayden with a calf in a head lock, then I looked for Kyler - looked back at Jayden and he had the same cow by the tail!  Kyler was ahead of the pack - but those calves are quick!  Both boys left with sweat in their eyes and cow poop on their shoes and big plans for some strategy planning next year!
 Time to scramble for EGGS, now! Evan and I headed to the community Easter Egg Hunt that afternoon.  He was a serious egg hunter and a pretty cute bunny!
 Then, it was on to the Ducks Unlimited Banquet for some camo, gun and duck gear dreaming!  
 Evan wanted this painting soooo badly that was in the silent auction. . .for his new room, of course.  Kerry bid on it for him and Evan watched it all night!  I just dare someone to go behind this baby with puppy dog eyes and outbid him ;)!  
We were scrambling for calves early, eggs mid-day and scrambling for raffle tickets til late! It was a fun day of fun events!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Confirmation: Mark your Calendars

12 years ago, this sweet little baby boy was Christened at First United Methodist Church in Jonesboro.  On Sunday, May 4th at 6:00 pm our 12 year old sweet baby boy will be confirmed at Central United Methodist Church of Fayetteville.  
These cards with confirmand pictures were included in the programs at church last month.  I will have official invitations shortly, but wanted to go ahead and give you the date.  We are so proud of him. This has been a year of classes - learning and growing and preparing for the declaration of his faith and reception into church membership.  
*please excuse the stain :)

March Madness and a little April, too!

 This is what March mornings looked like around the Pittshouse!  Let me backtrack a bit . .  BEFORE Spring Break there was SNOW (and lots of it), a Week of snow days, 6 house showing, some little virus that I can't recall that went through the house, an offer on the house, an acceptance on the house (it had been on the market 25 days!), and I'm sure some stuff I am missing - but you get the picture - lots going on!
We started the lenten season - this is a pic of one of my "peppers"  on Fat Tuesday - Kyler and Evan are drinking their last DP for the lent season. (well, Evan decided on Ash Wednesday that he was going to change his to coffee).  Jayden gave up using the "F" word (FART, of course), I gave up Wheat and Potatoes and Kerry gave up sweets.  
The Johnson's kept the critters while we were on spring break - this is their guest room.  

 On Friday of Spring Break, we got the call that the offer on the house fell through.  Sad :( Luckily, we had not signed the lease for our beach condo for May yet. .  still - that meant, back on the market, house showing, clean house, moving pets, and back to square one! Boo!Hoo!  We were so ready for our extra month of summer - we had already checked with teachers and worked everything out to be beach bound May 1st . .  well, as they say, just roll with the tide!
 We got to have an Avery day on Wednesday last week!  Dad was starting his Bail-Out-Your-Daughter project (painting the flip house) more on this later. . we had a 6:00 showing . . and Avery just fit right in on the action!  Next time I keep her, I'm not going to be crazy, cleaning Aunt Sissy!
 She loves school pick ups!
 This kid has been working on his pitching.  Since Kerry was in Houston at the golf tournament,  he created  this target.  Before (above) and After (below).  
Sneaky little sucker . .  THIS kid was Student of the Month in March!! We are sooo proud - even though we didn't know until he pulled this out of his backpack in APRIL!!  Way to go Kyler Dell!
 Finally, a new seafood eatery to love! Juicy Tails is our new favorite Fayetteville hot spot!
 That right here is SUNSHINE! Soak it up, because it doesn't like to stay for long this time of year!
 Look what Jayden has been up to . .  he wrote this on his wipe off board. . . just love! and Yes, you can!

Spring Break 2014: #pittsspringbreak

I skipped a little bit - but I will sum up the weeks prior to our vacay in the next post!  We left for Spring Break with sunshine dreaming . . our house under contract . .  and big plans to wrap up multiple months stay plans in the sunshine state for May -July.  First stop:  NOLA!  
We just can't resist some fresh seafood and the french market! (and those organic banana daiquiris! yummo!)

 Kerry, Jayden and Kyler went to see the Miami Heat play our first night.  Evan's not really into  it like the older boys, so he stayed with me and we did some extra eating.

They had awesome seats and a great time!
 This kid - loves him some cajun food! for MONTHS when you ask him what he wants for dinner he says, "Crawfish" or "oysters" . .  ummm we live in NWA - isn't exactly readily available! Let's face it. .  you can't beat charbroiled oysters in New Orleans! 
 This was all before that lovely little 1st grade stomach bug that was going around his class and we thought we had escaped, took little man down! It just wouldn't be a pitts vacation without someone barfing, now would it?!
 The streets of NOLA
 Brunch with my biggest boys (Kerry stayed in the room with Evan - we had to split time taking care of the sicky)
I love that the boys enjoy the history and art scene anywhere we go.  They always love looking at the local art as well as famous galleries.  Kyler had been studying the Blue dog paintings in art and had even done one himself, so he was very excited to see them in person and return to art with information on the gallery. 

We never tire of a Battleship tour! Complete with reenactments and sound affects!Finally, some beach living!  We had a 4 bedroom condo at our usual summer destination, Indigo.  It was nice to be able to spread out and have a week of beach living, even though it was a tad bit chillier than usual.  The hot tub and one of the pools was heated, and of course a Pittsboy isn't going to let frigid cold temps in the other pool stop them from plunging! There are some interesting GoPro videos of that!

We did a little fishing and bay exploring. . .  that's a tiny crab - not a spider.


We also explored the Gulfarium and hit another favorite spot - the air museum!  AND, we got to meet up with the Deals you were vacationing as well!

We had a great break! Lots of good food, some beach life and relaxing days.  Just what we needed before we resume hectic schedules and prepare for the ending of the school year!