Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Buck Fever 2012

It's that time of year again . . . when we camo up, buy new guns, dig hunters orange out of storage and slip on our hunting boots for some red necking activity in Lower Arkansas!
A right of passage . . . a boys first gun.  Kerry took Kyler to pick out his gun and he is one proud hunter!
 Nothing beats the freedom of wide open places to these boys!  They just love being able to hop on their four wheeler or dirt bike and explore.  They just don't get a chance anywhere else to do that!
True huntsmen :) . . . I'm taking a guess that Evan didn't last long in the deer stand! Evan was just happy to get some BB gun action - it's the simple things like shooting an empty can:)!
 Jayden got a new gun as well . .  he wanted an upgrade from his first one (I think Kyler's new gun had him dreaming!)

Right on target, now if only that was a big buck!
 They even got to see Morgan do some dancing at halftime at the Sheridan game and see Madison!  As you can see bunny ears are just so funny!
 I know the boys had a great time!  They are already itching to go back!  Evan was really concerned about what I was going to do ALL weekend by myself . . . it was rough :), but I made it through!

Totally unlrelated to deer hunting. . .  here is a snap shot of the boys one Friday night ago - Kyler had "Kyler's Fun Place" re-opening party in his room and I just happened to snap a shot of the action - this picture captures it all!
Kerry is dancing, Kyler is working the strobe light, Jayden is the bouncer and Evan is trying to crash the party.  There is also a "bar" set up on Kyler's desk - where he served gaterade and sprite. Never dull around the Pitts house . . ALWAYS a party:)!

Farewell Football

We ended the Cardinal football season with away games in Greenland.
I sure have loved hanging on the side lines with these boys!  Kyler has hung with the big boys all season and had so much fun doing it!

 It is sad to think that next year will be this kiddos last season in PeeWee and with Coach Daddy:(!
 Jayden likes nothing more than a smearing tackle!
 Coach Pitts is going to miss this!

 I think Evan will too!
 So encouraging, such pride and so much fun . .  what football is all about!
I'm going miss being football Momma!  I am NOT however, gonna miss the bins of football equipement that stink up my laundry room!

Bye Bye BBall

Evan had his last Basketball game of the Season.  Now he is asking when Baseball starts:)!
 He ran.
 He dribbled.
 He was tuckered!
Here's his little Cardinal team!

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Trick or Treat!

This Halloween was pretty fun and much easier than when the kids were littler!  We just dropped them off at the corner and watched them run house to house, when they re-entered we got our candy tax :)!  We weren't THAT lazy though - we parked and walked around with them too!  It was a successful treat and a few tricks night!
Lots of Loot!  All boys showered and ready for some trading!
Pumpkin Chunkin'!  The 3rd grade had been working on a little scient project - figuring out which pumpkins would be catapolted the furtherest. . . this was pretty cool!  The whole school (including Evan's class) was there to watch!
They had it marked off by feet.
Kyler and Jalee

Boys smashing pumpkins
Kyler's team cheering for their pumpkin
After football practice we had do some pumpkin carving!

On Thursday night Jayden's school had it's annual Halloween Carnival.  It was pretty wild so I got very few pictures!  Jayden was too cool to dress up - he did paint his face green but I didn't get a pic of it!
 Time for the annual Pumpkin Carving with Dad at school!  I have pics of all three boys now doing their kindergarten carving!
It's been a fun few days celebrating Halloween around here!  Now, who wants some candy?!