Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Catching up on October

I had good intentions to post more regularly, but somehow that hasn't been happening - here is a little catch up. . . Jayden decided a couple of weeks ago that he wanted his hair cut shorter - I am thinking - great, it has taken 4 months to grow the "chunk" out and now that it is finally catching up - NOW he wants it shorter! But, being the hair stylist I am (ha) we gave it a try. It's not real short, but short enough that he can "spike" it, which was his goal. He wore it to school in a mohawk and was sooo proud! (yes, mohawks are cool). For those of you who are worried - he can wear it down and look perfectly normal (it's not a true mohawk, he can just spike it all in the middle, if the mood strikes him). Along with that, we had another milestone hit in our household - It has finally occurred to Evan, that he can climb out of his bed. Yes, I know - you are thinking - Evan? the kid who climbs on everything! Yes - for some reason this had not occurred to him (and I wasn't telling) until now. So- naps and bedtime now include a battle - pick him up, put him back in the bed - again, again, again. As for Kyler, he is still into speed racer stuff big time and now that the "toy papers" are in the Sunday paper - he is in hog heaven! It was a delima because we only got one "big toy book" from toys r us in the paper - but, problem solved. I went to Toys R Us and got 3 and then with a sharpie put each name on the front.