Sunday, April 19, 2015

River Rat Beginnings

First sign of sunshine and you can find us Riverside! 
 It's still just spring here in NWA - so, yes this water is cold! That doesn't stop a Pittsboy, though!

We find something new each time! 

Party of 6 and off to the Races!

We got to have Avery over for a 3 night sleep over after Easter.  We sure did LOVE having her here with us!

 Snow cones and bouncy houses to end off a week of testing!
 Then it was off to the races for Kerry and I for a little Derby Day action-meanwhile the boys had fun in Arkadoo!  I got to hang out with more Pittsboys!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Happy Easter!

Easter Day was a fun day filled with family and Easter celebrating!  Check out these handsome guys . . .
 The Easter Bunny found us on Bethel Blacktop!
  . .  and even left surprises for the bunnies!
 Pre-church egg hunting courtesy of the Big Bunny!
 We attempted several times for a family selfie, until finally . . .
 Jayden got frustrated with us, and just did it himself with one attempt! (teenagers are pretty handy sometimes!)
 We had a pretty special pew crew at chruch!
 And of course a very special acolyte!
 Then there is this crew . . .
 I just had to put this picture in to show that it takes many attempts to get 4 angelic kids ages 2-13 to cooperate!
 Then it was home for some fruit cocktails and Easter Dinner.
 Even the bunnies got to join in on the fun and come in from the barn!

 Bunny Cake!

 Mim rockin' the spoon race in the Egglympics!
 Bunny races . . 

 Indoor egg hunt! (It was a cold and rainy day)
There was even an egg on Mims head!


We had a great celebration and were so happy to have our family here to celebrate!  

Egging Up

It's time for Easter prep work! A day at the Lake House is in order for some Egg dying and lake fun!
 Mim and Uncle Mike were there for the wild cousin action!

It was a fun day preparing for Easter!  The boys left with Easter egg dye on on their hands, confetti in their hair, and food in their bellies!

Monday, April 13, 2015

March Moving Muddy Madness

Obviously, this is one of those sum up post . .  one of those - catch up so I can get back on track with my posting posts! We've Finished building a house, MOVED, kept up with regular activities, explored our new territory and throw in a Spring Break - with lots of boys to help us break in the new house!
 helping move?
 Kyler lending a hand to Pop  . .  boy does our barn wood fire place look PERFECT!  Mom also pitched in with the house beautifying by making the perfect blackout curtains for the Master bedroom!
 Who doesn't want to hang out in the dumpster? 
 Sonic for the siding guys . .  and the fam!
 Lunch with these cute 2nd graders.
 A student of the month . .  despite the fact that I have been one unorganized Momma here lately.  If you need something to turn in for school - forget it, it's probably in a box - I can turn in next year, right?!
 An ultimate nerf war!  We had 10 plus boys 2nd through 7th grade in and out of our house over Spring Break.  Most of the time it involved shirtless, shoeless boys running around like bangies!
 GEO BEE for Spring Break!  This kid qualified for STATE!  We are super proud of him and lucky to accompany him to Conway for the Championship GEO Bee! He did awesome and just missed the finals!

 Lots of unpacking and getting to see stuff we haven't see in quite some time!
Waved some palms . . 
 Added pole vaulting to our weekly schedule of events.
 Explored our little gem behind our house. . . Illinois River, the perfect spot for some Pitts hanging out!
 Don't be fooled into thinking it's warm  . .  frigid water, I tell you!
 It's such a pretty spot!
 CoCo is lovin' it!
 Mud war paint is a must!
Wheh! I feel like March was a tornado of events!