Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jayden had his first basketball game on Saturday morning. We all lugged up to the gym, lawn chairs in tow. Jayden was bursting at the seams, ready to get out there. We got there a little early, so we watched the other games going on. Kyler and Evan had a great little set up - their chairs, cars, little men, and later we discovered the "ring pops" which saved the day! Jayden was on FIRE! He ran up and down the court and was the best blocker/ball stealer you ever saw! It was so much fun to watch. Kerry and I just laughed and were amazed the entire game. There was not a more aggressive (in a good way) player out there! Best of all-- he absolutely LOVES it and is ready for the next game.

Kyler hit a milestone this weekend - he can now swing by himself! Sounds kind of silly - but for months we have been trying to get Kyler to swing himself - and he will not even try! And he LOVES to swing - he would swing all day long if you would let him -- but you have to push him. Well, on Sunday, I left to go walking and when I returned Kyler was swinging with the biggest grin on his face! Kerry worked with him and now he can do it! So, if you are ever wondering where Kyler is - chances are he is "just a swingin'".

Evan went to work with Kerry one afternoon. Kerry had to drive to Prairie Grove, so he came by and picked up Evan. He was sooo excited and ready to go! We packed him a snack and he went to "sell brick" with Daddy.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

September 21, 2008

Yesterday the boys and I decided to have a little adventure while Kerry was being "frydaddy". We headed up to Devils Den for a picnic and hike. The boys loved it. Evan was determined to make the hike all by himself and Jayden and Kyler wanted to RUN the entire way. So, I had one lagging behind and tripping over rocks and 2 running ahead. We came up with the rule that if you couldn't see Mommy you had to stop (it kinda worked). The best part for the boys was seeing the HUGE "sea turtle" swimming under the waterfall. The best part for me was having three worn out little boys! It was a fun time!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The little stuff

This evening Jayden had his first basketball practice. He has a few of his friends on his team that he hasn't seen this year (they are going to another elementary school). He did really well and had a good time. Evan, however, was a little toot! He was determined to play basketball with the team -- and I mean he wanted to be right out there in the middle! When I would chase him down, he would arch his back and throw a fit. Sweet Kyler brought his "speed racer" cars and set down and played with his cars. I finally resorted to strapping Evan in the car and putting on a movie (why didn't I think of that before?) When practice was over Jayden said "that was torture". He thought the coach was mean and he wanted his practice to be in the gym with the concession stand. Oh- well we survived.

September 18, 2008

The boys were excited to find that IKE left behind a great new playground! This was Sunday morning after the storm when they first discovered their new "tree house".