Monday, August 25, 2014

Jamboree 2014

Nothing kicks off the football season like the Jamboree!  This year it was in Gentry.  It was hot, hot, hot . .  but so were the CARDS!
 Keep your eye on #18!
 I love to watch some Daddy Coaching!  Kerry was out there ALL. DAY. LONG.  3 games for the 4th grade, 3 games for the 5th and 3 games for the 6th . . plus set up and take down, wheh! 
 I think I caught Kyler checking out his shadow  :)
 Did I mention it was hot? 
 This is what brothers do at the Jamboree . . . 
There's that Pitts stance . . 
  . .  and again . . 

 That would be Kyler under that yellow jersey . . 
 Nothing better than sideline friends after a hit . . 
 No pics of CiCi and I, but we were there!  The boys and I headed back to the Lakehouse after Kyler's games . .  leaving Kerry to finish up.  We are lucky to have the Lake house as our "home" base during our gypsy days! We had good food, room to spread out all of our junk, lake play and lots of movies!
CiCi, Jayden and Evan on Pirate Point during our Sunday excursion.  Then, it was back to Fayetteville to move into our home-tel for the week.  This week we moved up to the Hilton - and have LOTS more room and a full kitchen, whoop! whoop! 
Bring on week two!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

In the Books! 2014

7th, 5th and 2nd . .  here come the Pittsboys!
 Ready to hit the halls of Lynch as a 7th grader!
 Ready to hit the halls of Ledbetter as a 5th grader!
 Ready to hit the hall of Williams as a 2nd grader!
 * Evan is the only one that agreed to take his pictures by the bushes . .  the older two were embarrassed to be getting their pic taken at a hotel . . hence the pics in front of the car.  
These boys were hopping all week long!  Up at 'at um, bright and early . . learning the ropes of a new grade all day and hitting the field, guitar/drums and high school scrimmage game by evening and the pool/hot tub by night!
The Peewee players and coaches were announce at the High School scrimmage game and got to do a run through . . 

 Guess who got his 7th grade jersey this week . .
 The 7th grade football team was announced at the scrimmage and they each got an individual announcing and run through . . 
 Jayden Pitts #5
 Of course Evan was there . .  whether he wanted to be or not . . he's got Cardinal spirit, too!
First week is in the books!

Twas the Night Before School Starts 2014

After our last day on the lake, traveling back up the mountain and checking into our "home-tel" for the week . .  it's time to get these stellar students to sleep!
Our 2nd grader . .  reporting to Mrs. Silva's class
 Our 5th grader . . . reporting to Mrs. Crowley's class (this pic was hard to get, as it is every year!  I finally gave up, went to sleep and had Kerry take it!)
 Our 7th grader . .  reported to lots of classes and lots of teachers
We tried to keep things as "normal" as possible considering we are in a hotel suite. Lunches are made and first day outfits are ready to wear.  Goodnight Pittsboys, sleep tight. 

Farwell to Summer 2014

It's so hard to say goodbye to Summer!  We had a full week of back to school duties once we returned from picking the boys up from camp.  
Football sign ups, equipment hand-outs, first of football practices and lots of hydrating! (And lots of back and forth trips from the lakehouse to farmington!)
Not to mention, back to school duties, spruce ups and open houses!

 It's just best to sling some boys around Lake Hamilton, get some condo time in and give this summer the send off it deserves!

Lake play, wake boarding, lakeside dining and general lake chillaxin!

 Squeeze in a girls lunch with my besties and you've got one great weekend!
 Kyler might be the only kid to use a 12 dollar boogie board from Florida to skim Lake Hamilton!  We now call it "Kyler boarding"

 It's time to take the plunge . . . school year here we come!

Camp Ozark 2014

Straight from Florida, it's time for CAMP and these two were excited to start their week!  We left them eating Popsicles on the deck after getting them settled in their cabins.  They are both pros and feel right at home!  
We didn't get to see very many of their smiling faces on the dalily camp updates this year! Those boys better try harder to get in front of the camera next year!  We did, however, get this pic of Kyler fixing to do the canopy tour . . .

 We sure did miss these two campers!  It's always a fun reunion to see their smiling faces and hear all their adventures!  Lots of memories are made in a weeks time!
As time rolls on, we get bits and pieces of cabin happenings and super fun adventures that were had!  Wake boarding, paint ball, nightly parties, tribe competitions , devotionals and LOTS of water sliding! Evan can't wait to be a part of it! They also got to hang out with their Georgia cousins for a week!
So long Camp Ozark . .  'til next year!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Seems like so long ago - but it was just one and half weeks ago we were beaching it up!  I miss it so, especially since we have been slammed with back to school duties and gypsy family realities! 
 The Beach Boys
 The water went from rough and rowdy waves to smooth as silk and crystal blue in just a days time.  We had a little virus that went through the Pitts boys - nothing major, just enough to require a little rest and chillin' in the condo. Other than having one Pittsboy down at a time, dropping my phone in the toilet and NOT getting family beach pics:(- we vacayed to full extent - dinners out, movies, beach and pool time, water park fun and para sailing!

 Parasailing was on the schedule once Kerry returned
 Even the ride out was fun!
 The Beach Boys hanging in the air

 And so ends our extended Florida vacay. We had a blast!  The first half we were still recovering from moving and caught up on much needed chilliax time; the second half we got in some serious play time . .  the entire time we had FUN!  
We just couldn't drive through and not stop . . even though it was dark and there was not a beard in sight!