Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Birthday Dinner and some Fireworks!

Not really -- just some sparkling candles that lite things up a bit! Jayden got to pick the menu for his Birthday dinner - broccoli cheese soup and rolls with chocolate cake/chocolate icing for dessert. The perfect meal for a near snaggle tooth 8 year old! Jayden's front tooth is holding on for dear life right now! We had a great celebration of his special day . . . It's official--- we have an 8 year old!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Jayden Phillip!

I can't believe it, but just 8 years ago today we brought our first (little did we know first of 3!) son into this world. Just a short recap . . .After weeks of bedrest, Kerry treated me to a little trip to the Holiday Inn for Valentines Day, so I could lay in a different bed and look at a different 4 walls! Shortly before midnight on Valentines day, my water broke!. . . and around 1:00 pm on February 15th, Jayden Phillip had arrived! The first grandchild for the Daily side of the family and the first grandSON for the Pitts' side!
Pround Mommy and Daddy . . .

Bathtime . . .
He's always had his own idea of how to get things done. . ."crawling"
A HOG fan from the start!
Some things never change. . . WILD morning hair!
I think he still makes this face!
Still a handsome, sweet little boy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Totally Boys Day!

For some reason ( and I'm not questioning why) the boys took off today to do some "man" business. . .

They went to the Uof A track meet. . .

The went to the Reptile Museum . . .

They went to Chuck E. Cheese . . . (no pictures of that WILD action). And I have a feeling they did a little sneaky Valentines day shopping???. . . hummmmm. What little sneaky Sweethearts!

Stranger Danger!

First, before I even start . . .I know, I know, I know . . there are many things I did wrong in the scenerio I am about to tell you about . . . BUT, we are all now prepared for the situation if it ever happens again.

Last night about 7:30 -- dark outside, Kerry at weekly poker with the guys, our doorbell rang. I opened the door (dumb, dumb I know). The guy asked if my husband was home, I said, No (again, I know, dumb, dumb) and then he walked forward like he was going to come in the house -- I immediatley realized my stupidity and SLAMMED the door on him with all my might and locked it quickly. I called Kerry in a panic and he dropped his hand and flew out the door to head home, in the meantime he called Joe our neighbor a few houses down. Joe grabbed his gun and flew out his door . . . as all this is going on, the boys are terrified and I am frantically making sure doors and windows are all locked! Boys are screaming "Call 911" and Jayden wants to get his gun!

Joe ran into the guy in HIS driveway and pulled his gun on him. Apparantly, the guy was just wandering around extremely drunk.

911 was called, Kerry got home, 3 cop cars sweeped our street, boys were frantic and enjoying the excitement a little, and Joe and Lei drove down to see how it all shook out.

Where oh where was my ever barking DOG during all this -- the one that barks at raccoons and squirrels was somehow enjoying a little nap on the deck!! No telling how all this is going to come out when it is explained to the boys classes on Monday -- cause you know this is share time worthy for Kyler!

Lesson Learned: DON'T OPEN THE DOOR!!!!!, we practiced and you can hear through the door, so we all know to talk through the door and not open it!

(Dad--- I know, I know . . no need for a safety lecture -- I got it)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Be Mine!

Just look at all the love. . . ! We started our Valentines day projects on Tuesday - thank goodness it was a snow day, because I needed an entire day to devote to Valentines boxes! Remember the days of tin foil covered boxes with construction paper hearts? Long gone are those days! My boys' little creative minds want dinosaurs and dragons! (the frustration level was high on Tuesday -- at least mine was!) The end result was just what they had invisioned!
Kyler's T-rex . . .
Evan's Scooby Doo box (he didn't need one for his school, but wanted to be like his big brothers!) He wrapped it in scooby christmas wrapping paper. He had ice cream and exchanged valentines (his were scooby, of course) on Thursday with his class.
Jayden's Dragon . . .

Partying with Mrs. Curtis' class. . .

Partying with Mrs. Webb's class. . .

A SUPER(bowl) Weekend!

Actually, the Superbowl had very little to do with our weekend, but it was SUPER just the same. Kerry was on a boys weekend to Tunica, so we headed to Pop and CiCi's lakehouse to join Auntie M for some fun and to celebrate her 29th Birthday!
We hung out . . .

Evan took some pictures. . . here's one of CiCi

Played at Fastlanes . . .

Relaxed and warmed by the fire. . .

Explored the lake. . .

Pouted. . . so, pitiful.

Looked cool . . .

The day after. . . exhausted!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The 100th day!

The 100th day of waking at 6:30, packing lunches, getting dressed, brushing teeth and hair, whipping up some pancakes and bacon and scurrying out the door to make it out of our driveway by 7:30 so we can make it to Pop Williams by school time (school starts at 7:50)!

The 100th day of saying "have a great day" and watching my two little cuties barrel out of the car --sometimes pushing each other -- and walk into the school to begin their school day.

The 100th day of leaving the house by 2:30 to get in line to pick up the cutest kindergartner and 2nd grade you've ever seen! And watching the expression on their faces as they enter the car.

The 100th day of asking "did anything exciting happen today?" And getting the usual roll of the eyes from Jayden, and sometimes an interesting story from Kyler (Mrs. Curtis' class must be quit exciting!)

What a great 100 days it has been. The boys are loving school, their teachers and their classmates! YEAH boys for having a great 100 days of school! To top it off, we had parent-teacher conferences today - and got GLOWING reports on both boys -- they are both such smartys!

Kyler's class celebrated with a 100 day celebration at snack time where they count out different finger foods to make 100! Jayden had told me before he left for school that 2nd graders don't celebrate the 100th day --- BUT when I picked him up he was sporting a 100th day hat and was reporting lots of celebrating!

Here's some little funnies about the boys and school. . . .

Kyler's class has share time each day and I think Kyler tells some pretty colorful stories. As things happen at home he will say, "oooh, this is what I'm going to share about tomorrow!" Of all the exciting things that happend during the snow break, guess what Kyler wanted to "share" -- the story about the exploding candle and mommy using work gloves and a cookie sheet to run it through the house and out the front door onto the snow, where it "exploded" when it hit the snow. Yep- THAT's what he shared with the class!

As I said earlier, each day I ask the boys if anyting exciting happened -- one day I didn't ask this and on our way home Jayden said, "aren't you going to ask the question who always ask? because something DID happen today" --okay, so I asked it and THIS is what is exciting to a 2nd grader --"Carter lost his tooth and it was a SILVER one!! ----so unless someone looses a tooth, gets punched - pretty much anything involving blood - nothing exciting happened!

ANYTHING that Mrs. Curtis says is the law! If Mrs. Curtis' didn't say it, it's not true! I think I might need her on speed dial on the weekends:)!

DON'T pick Jayden up early -- he will give you the look from you know where! He dosn't want to miss all his chit chatten he does in the car riders line with his "3rd grade friends".

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Snowy Treat

Did you know that God makes Kyler Safe icecream. . . he does. . . . snow straight from heaven, sugar and some soymilk and you've got a tasty treat!

The boys headed out to the trampline for some fresh, clean snow to make snow icecream with. . .

of course they took the sled, it's the only way to travel these days!

Gathering up the snow. . . (these pictures are a little fuzzy because I took them through my window - it's cold out there!)

Enjoying a GREAT snowy treat! YUM!YUM!