Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy Birthday King Kyler!

HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY KYLER DELL!!! Today was Kyler's special day, which meant he made all decisions . . . He makes a great KING!

What does Kyler like more than toys. . . CASH! So, that's what he got - 10 buckaroos for each year! He also had some money saved up, so he spent his day counting his money, researching how to spend it and shopping/spending! By the end of the day, he still has $30 left AND bought 3 large transformers and a HUGE lego set -- after Christmas sales rock!

King Kyler chose the menu: Speghetti, salad, broccoli and french bread. He also got to choose where everyone sat at the dinner table (we usually have "assigned" seats!), the movie we watched and pretty much everything in between!

The dessert chosen by King Kyler was oreos cookies and cream pudding -- yum!

Just for fun . . .check out little chubbo!! How cute are those thunder thighs?!
Kyler will be having a birthday party with friends once school resumes, but for now, I think he had a pretty special day!
Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie:)!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Having a MERRY little CHRISTmas!

We definantly had a MERRY celebration and were lucky enough to celebrate with lots of family! We began our rounds and headed down the interstate and through the mountains to ARKADELPHIA we go . . .
Here we are preparing for Santa's arrival. Not only do we have toys, electonics and thuds heard on the roof to prove he visited . . . . the boys spotted Reindeer poop on the roof!!!

This was my attempt of a group picture. . . where's the back row?!

Here's the family pic sporting our christmas pjs!

CoCo's not the only one who likes her new bed . . thanks Santa!

I over heard the boys discussing how "forgiving" Santa is the other day . . so funny! Makes me think of the Christmas that Kyler said, "Santa must have gotten mixed up!" I think Santa just recognizes how sweet and fun those Pitts brothers are:)!
The boys all got PSPgo's, lots of Transformers for Kyler and Evan, pocket helicopter and remote control motorcycles, video spy equipment and lots more! After all that list stress Kyler was under - I think it all worked out!
Finally, the day has come . . .OPENING PRESENTS!

Hanging out on the front porch as we tell Mim and Uncle Mike bye. . .

Christmas isn't over yet! It's down the highway and through the woods to SHERIDAN we go!

More presents to unwrap . . . but we are up for the job!
Uncle G and Aunt G . . .

I think somebody likes their Criss Cross Crash!

Some playing. . .

Some eating . . .

Hanging out in the hog pen . . and I'm not talking about Mrs. Keys room! I'm talking for real!

How cute is that little piggy?!!!

We don't call ourselves "PARTY of five" for nothin' -- there's more! Down the interstate and through the fields to CARLISLE we go!

Glenn (aka: Funny Guy Glenn) showing off his gifts with the boys!

The boys showing off Meme's new pj's!

The boys doing some Pitts-ing around! (I think we have earned the right to coin our own term!)

Then . . up the interstate and through the mountains back to Fayetteville we returned!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night:)!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 Days 'til CHRISTMAS!!!

And they're OFF!!! Auntie M picked up the boys and headed south this evening. Kerry and I have the Foster's Christmas party tonight and Jayden was super itching to go duck hunting tomorrow morning with Pop - so this arrangement worked out great! Kerry and I will join them in the morning. Pretty much we traded 3 boys for 2 dogs for the night!

We baked the cookies for Santa -- check out the docor'-- so festive! Fa-la--la-la!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's Party Time:)!

We partied at Pop Williams yesterday -- candy, cookies, pizza, pinatas -- wahoo it's Christmas break!
Here are the annual teacher ornaments . . .

Partying like a 3rd grader. Jayden's classmates kept calling Evan "little Jayden".

Partying like a 1st grader . . .

Evan and Kyler waiting in line to hit the pinata. . .
We departed Pop Williams with goodies and sugar highs and ready to do some christmas style chillaxin!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Jolly Times

Kerry and I went to the HBA Christmas party this week and Auntie M was nice enough to come hang with the boys while we were away . . Thanks Auntie M!

The boys had Pajama day this week . . how fun is that - hanging in your PJ's for the day:)

And we got a little outta control with "hat" day today! Not sure what that face is on Kyler - but I had to get a pic of him and his ginourmous cowboys hat!

Also - Evan had his Christmas festivities this week - no pics:(--I was out of commision due to a nasty stomach bug - yuk - so we have a little lapse in picture taking! AND - Kyler had a super fun field trip today - Shiloh Museum, Firestation and Fun City! Evan and I met them at Fun City! Just 2 more days to go and then off for Christmas Break!

Dear Santa

ahh Yes - our yearly angel moment has gone and past:)--Here's the little sweeties with their lists, ready for the annual Santa picture.

Kyler and his list. (that was his list THAT day, even though it was turned into Santa - I, right this moment, have a THIRD (and FINAL!) list that I must drop off at the mall tomorrow - he keeps revising it!

Jayden and his list - simple and to the point - his three main items!

and Evan . . not looking so angel like, huh?. . .he was having a moment! It quickly passed and he was all smiles with Santa!

Happy Bday POP!

The first weekend of December Pop and CiCi headed North for NWA and celebrated Pop's birthday at Chuck E Cheese -- a personal fav of the Pitts' crew! (and I kinda think Pop enjoyed the games too!) A great way to celebrate your 61st bday don't you think?!

Doe. . .a deer. . .

I can't believe I am blogging about this, or that I am posting a picture of it! However. . . deer hunting seems to be a part of my life, soooo -- here is the proud moment . . .

Jayden and Kerry brought down the first deer of the season ( I know - shocking that THESE two could sit still long enough together to kill a deer!). This happened while hunting Sheridan during Thanksgiving break. Jayden was so proud! You will have to get the specifics from them - but it was quite the excitement! Kerry said that after they shot it and went to do whatever you do after you shoot it . . Jayden said, "I think we better get outta here, you never know what creatures will do"---that cracks me up because I know in his little mind he was picturing a scene from "Open Season" and expecting a flock of ducks to drop skunks on them or get pounded by a herd of chipmunks for killing a dear!!

* for some reason this picture will not load - and I am getting frustrated - I will add it later!