Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Weekend Ball Fun

 Farmington Cardinals vs. Siloam Springs at Siloam Springs
 Kyler's team running through the sign (#18)
#18 Running on air!
Some Mid-game coaching.
Our cutie - #18
 Good Game.
(#5) the Starters taking the field.
 Kerry and starters meeting officials and coin toss.
 Defense.  Jayden has been a captain the last few games and calls the plays - I so wish we could "mic him up" like they do in the NFL - would LOVE to hear him :)!
 Good Game.
Post game brother haul during the final game.
 Jayden and Luke.
A bench.  Hot Dogs.  and 6th grade cheerleaders - after game activity.
We not only play football -- Fall ball is in full swing too!  Kyler post game two on Sunday.  And, yes he has a mustache. 

Pitts on Wheels

Jayden's school had a skate night last Monday. . . I loaded up 4 boys after football practice and headed straight to the skatarium . . Kerry had official football business to attend to (so he says :) - just kidding - he really did) so it was me and the boys!
 Jayden and Payson fixing to get their skate on!
 Jayden in action.
 Kyler in action.
Evan in action.  Yes, his mouth is glowing - they all just had to have multiple glowing accessories! (I don't remember those from my skate days)
Jayden and the crew.  It was super fun to witness, let me tell you!

Organized Mud Wrestling, AKA: Football :)

These pics are from the "It's Raining, It's Pouring the Cards are scoring" game post . .  the one in the downpour. I'm trying to get caught up on my pictures - since I got my new camera (which I LOVE) I have soooo many good pictures it's overwhelming!
 Kerry and Evan on the sidelines.
 Jayden (#5) in action.
A little coaching from Daddy, mid game.
 Kyler on the sidelines during Jayden's game (it was pouring during his game - so no action shots this time!)
 Jayden and Payson.
Jayden's team leaving the field - pumped up after winning in overtime!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Boy Who Cried FEVER (I mean WOLF)!

It's getting kinda old . . . the whole "I've got a fever" whaling everytime E doesn't want to do something.  Plus, there seems to be a direct correlation between lack of sleep, late night and "fever" the next morning. Well, Tuesday morning (after a late night of skate night at the skatium Monday night with the big boys) Evan pulled the ole "I've got a fever", "I don't feel good", etc. . .  all the way through our morning ritual and cried constantly through Jayden's drop off and to his own school.  At that point I threatened to get the police officer  to come to the car and get him if he didn't go willingly -- it worked.  I was proud of my sticking to my guns momma skills.  That will teach him, right!  UNTIL - I got to the nurses office to pick up my bright pink, throw-up covered little kindergartener. . . WORST. MOM. EVER!

Monday, September 17, 2012

It Raining, Its Pouring . . .The Cardinals are Scoring!

It was a CLEAN SWEEP on Saturday morning for the Cardinal teams!  White, Black and Red teams ALL won their games!  Plus some 4th, 5th and 6th graders got to do some mud slinging!  It POURED during the first game and then slowed up for the next two - but there was plenty of mud to go around!

 Let me get a hooray for the fans of the century . . . they traveled from LA (Lower Arkansas) and LA (Louisiana) and sat in the pouring rain to cheer on those Pitts Boys!  As did Auntie M and mini-M :)!
I got some really good pics at Jaydens game with my new camera.  I didn't want to get it wet - so no pics of Kyler's game.  I tried to upload some actions shots, but it was taking forever to load them - I'll have to get a better system down.
 After spending 8:00-1:30 at three PeeWee games in the rain, we changed and headed out to our 4th game of the day to cheer on the Hogs.
 We had a few moments of cheering rain free . . .
 Then out came the ponchos!
 Nobody can call us fair weather fans!
ok, so we left at halftime . .  I'm pretty proud of us for staying that long!  We were cold, wet and tired and had been ALL day long!  Dry clothes, food and football on the tube sounded pretty darn good!  We also had the Allen family staying with us for the weekend - somehow they escaped my camera!  It was a wet, fun weekend!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Growing Pains

Remember the first week of school when Evan rocked along as a new kindergartener - bebopping into class and excited about each and every day . . .  well - welcome back to reality - it hit him hard week two!  I don't know if it's because we had quite the traumatic weekend . .  you know, Evan witnessing his brother getting held down by drs to get an emergency shot, rushed to the ER and completely IGNORED even though he, himself had a wasp sting of his own (yes, he really did.  Normaly, he would have gotten some attention for that - but I'm pretty sure I used the words "suck it up - your ok" to my newby kindergartener this day!)  OR, maybe he just realized that he actually had to go to school FIVE days a week, regardless of his mood that morning. . .  whatever the reason - week two was not so hot for the Pitts!  I'm talking - crying (crocadile tears), screaming, clawing and "don't leave me", quivering lips and I miss my Mommy -- awwhh, breaks my heart!  Kerry even tried taking him - with the same reaction!  Every morning he cried before we left saying "I have a fever" in between sobs. And each evening he was pretty confident that he was going to have a "fever" the next morning.  We MAY have mentioned at some point that the only way to miss school was if you had a "fever".  Luckily, week three(to this point) drop off has been  completed  (at the door, not walked in) with no tears.  wheh!  Evan has now realized that required school, as fun as it is, just doesn't compare to PJ's and run of the house:)!

Woo Pig

Football season is here!  The Pitts boys (and girl) were there to cheer on their first win of the season!
 Kyler and Jayden tried hard to get on the Jumbotron . .  I have a feeling I am a game away from shirtless, red and white painted chest boys!
 Jayden brought a friend with us . . . we have six tickets to each game - so come on and join the fun!  Actually, we decided after 4 hours of whining from Evan that he would be perfectly happy with a sitter while we go to the games! 

 Labor Day weekend wasn't only about Football . . . we had a mini- celebration for CiCi's bday, Jayden and I got to check out Cabellas and eat at PFChangs with Pop and Cici on Friday after his doctors appt and Sunday we had a Suite B-day party for a friend at the Naturals game . .  and then back to football with practice on Monday!


Since I only talked about the wasp sting part of the Jamboree, I think I should go ahead and document the "before". . . After all, the Jamboree is only held at Farmington every EIGHT years and is THE big fundraiser for our PeeWee Football program, AND was quite a busy and well prepared for day!
 The Pitts boys entering the stadium - looking forward to a FULL day of Football and ready to not only PLAY football - but fill in at the gate or where ever else needed. . . a family affair. . . not knowing that we would spend most of the day in the ER.
 Jayden and Kyler both played in 3 games each.  I only got to see part of ONE game out of 6 of my boys games!  During Kyler's games I was running back and forth between gates and the bank - getting change and making sure my shifts were covered. . . I did get a few random pics of his games though.  He did great!  I am so impressed with our little Kyler - I mean, he is playing UP with the fourth graders and not getting discouraged at all!
 Kerry pulled off a great Jamboree!  Evan was able to ride in the Gator with Kerry, back and forth between gates and putting out fires.  My kiddos were stadium community kids this day- just hanging out, helping when needed, playing when time and asking people where their parents were so they could get more money for the consession stand:)!  Of course, this is before the wasp insidence- I missed ALL of Jayden's games because I was at the hospital but he made an interseption!! and TWO fumble recoveries!!  Luckily, we get great edited videos of all games so I was able to see all the great plays of both Kyler and Jayden!  Wahoo . . . Jamboree 2012 is complete!
Kyler the day after . . . CiCi requested a pic of Kyler - Jayden assisted with his smile:)!