Monday, April 30, 2012

30 Hour Lower Arkansas Trip

As you can see from the previous post - baseball is ruling and limiting our time!  When we found out Friday night that we had from Saturday morning until 4:00 on Sunday- baseball free -- to LA we headed!  We hit the road at 9 am and were farming it up by 1:30!
 Evan helped Papaw and Ninny with the feeding.

 Kerry did some chit chattin'.
 We all pitched in on the gardening.

 Kyler found some awesome cow bones for CoCo.
 Jayden got to shoot his gun and of course the boys did some 4-wheelin' and dirt bikin'.  (LOVE this pic of Jayden!)
 I found the safest spot away from the GIGANTIC water moc. we saw on the bank of the pond.
 Kyler caught a bass in the "catfish pond".  (I couldn't tell ya which pond is which - "catfish pond", "bass pond" and whatever the other one is called! They all look snakey to me!)

After all that fun action we bathed (believe me we needed it! Cow poop smellin' little boys!) and headed to Carlisle for the night.  No pics from our Carlisle action - we got to see Meme, ate some Nicks and hit the road NWA bound by 11!  WHEH!

And the pic below is from last weekend . .  hanging on the golf course with Jeff Long -- pretty cool!
See, we manage to fit in other stuff besides school and baseball!  If there is a slither of time to fit in some action - we can do it!

Ballfield Bound!

I better go ahead and post the baseball schedule before I get in trouble:)!   So here it is . . .(color blocked by week)
 MayMonday 1st:  KP 6:30 at Praire Grove; JP 6:30 HOME.  Thursday 3rd: KP 6:30 HOME; EJ 6:30 HOME.  Monday 7th:  6:30 KP HOME; EJ 6:30 HOME.  Tuesday 8th:  KP 5:30 at Greenland.  Thursday 10th:  KP 5:30 HOME; JP 6:30 HOME; Saturday 12th:  EJ 11:00 HOME.  Monday 14th: KP 5:30 at Lincoln; JP 6:30 HOME. Thursday 17th:  KP 6:30 at Praire Grove;  JP 6:30 HOME.  Monday 21:  JP 7:00 at Lincoln.  Tuesday 22nd:  EJ 6:30 HOME.  Thursday 24th:  KP 5:30 at Westville, OK.  Tuesday 29th:  JP 6:30 HOME.  Thursday 31st:  JP 5:30 at Prairie Grove.

 June:  Friday 1st:  EJ 6:30 HOME.  Saturday 2nd:  EJ 9:00 am HOME.  Monday 4th:  KP 6:30 HOME; EJ 6:30 HOME.  Thursday 7th:  JP 6:30 at HOME;  KP 6:30 HOME.  Saturday 9th:  EJ 1:00 HOME.  Thursday 14:  EJ 6:30 HOME
 Kyler playing catcher.

 Games are already in full swing!  We've been at this for a few weeks now and keep in mind this schedule does not include our practices -- so YES it's super confusing!  Now you see why I am a week by week kinda momma here lately!
I just love an after game huddle:)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Never Dull

I have some catching up to do!  Of course it is never dull around here!  Here is a little of this and whole lot-a that from the past few weeks! 
 THIS creature was found in my kitchen . . . some combining of halloween costumes!
 These boys know how to stay up with the hoot owls! (as my Dad would say!)
 Lunch with my littest guy!  He LOVES Jason's Deli . . . because of course they have a great salad bar (weird kid, yes I know! . . . and also the reason we are in Operation Fatten up the Pitts Boys at our house!)
If you can't find Kerry, he's at the ballfields.  Assistant coaching ALL THREE boys teams! Super Dad!
 After school snack of watermelon on the back deck, and as you can see BUCK NAKED is the way to go (for Evan at least!)

 Oh THERE's the missing snake!! I found a coiled up ring neck snake under my living room rug while vaccuming the other day -- can you say HEART ATTACK!
Newest pet . .  Evan's turtle.  It actually was crawling INTO our garage as I was pulling out and closing the garage door -- he wanted to be a Pitts!
"please don't give me a shot, please don't give me a shot"  Despite his wishes . . . 4 shots in the legs -- and all for Kindergarten!  Its official - the final Pitts brother will grace the halls of Williams Elementary in the fall.
My lunch dates one day this week. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's a "PIG" Deal

This weekend Kerry and I did the Hogeye Half Marathon . .  13.1 MILES!  Wahoo! It was Kerry's first Half EVER and he did the IronPig Duathlon last weekend - wow!  But, I did beat him:)
Joe and Julie came up the night before and we all had dinner on Dickson.  We weren't much of a party crew - Joe was running the FULL . .26.2 - Go Joe!! A HUGE thank you to Aunti M who did a Tri-athlon of her own (Jayden, Kyler, Evan) probably the toughest TRI around:)
Check out these cool dudes before the Run. 

I was able to get this shot of Joe mid-race.  I also texted Kerry using Ceri while I was running --talk about multi-tasking!  AND - I was able to get a pic of  this guy passing out BEER around mile 9 . . . I thought it was water!  Not exactly what I needed (or wanted) at that point!  Pretty funny, though!  Things like that make the runs fun and entertaining!

 And here he comes, into the stretch . .  Joseph Kerry Pitts of Fayetteville . . .:)  At this point we were under a TORNADO WARNING!  We beat the pouring rain but it was windy, hilly and there was impeading tornadic activity -- everytime we would run through an underground tunnel I would try to remember where it was in case I heard the tornado siren -- I was planning to run back there! (you know how I am about storms . .  if I would have seen lightning I bet my time would have been MUCH better!)
 If you were running the Full  . . . I would bet it was pretty miserable.  Pouring Rain for th last 8 or so miles.  We all survived and we all crossed the finish line and we all got a medal -- go us!  Me: 13.1; Kerry: 13.1; Joe: 26.2!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

We started off Easter weekend cheering Kerry across the finish line at the Iron Pig Duathlon!
 He did great! Run, Bike, Run . . . wheh! made me tired just watching!
 Jayden stayed the night with Pop, CiCi and Mim.  Kyler had baseball practice, but as soon as he was done we headed over to watch Kerry.
 Of course we had some Easter duties to get done . . . a little egg dying.
 The Easter Bunny stopped by the Pitts' house!
 We had a great pew of family with us at church (no pics in our Easter best - but I do have some photos from our Easter photo shoot that I will post seperatly).  Everyone joined us for an Easter Lunch and then on to the Egg hunting!
 First was the kids hunt!

Then came the adult hunt! Jayden had my camera and was in charge of getting random shots of the action.  Little did we know we would need it for evidence :)

Miranda and I spotted an egg at the same time and took off running to get it . . . next thing you know, I was PUSHED by my little sister and ended up like THIS!
 It's not very often at the age of 37 that you take a tumble like that!  It was pretty darn funny!
 Here is some hysterical laughter!  Even on Monday morning Kyler was still shaking his head and saying he couldn't believe that ADULTS acted like that during an egg hunt and that SISTERS would fight over an Egg :).  Mean ole Auntie M pushed their Momma! Hahaha!  Egg hunting is serious business between us . .  I'm gonna put on my workout clothes for next years hunt!
 Isn't this a cool picture of Mom?  Jayden took this.

We had a great Easter celebration!  We are so glad that Mim made the long trip from Shreveport and that everyone was at our house.  It is pretty much the only holiday that we don't have to spend half of in the car!  Happy Easter!