Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Jayden!

Jayden turned 7 years old! I can't believe I have a 7 year old! We celebrated his special day with a trip to Walmart (yes, for some reason this is a treat). He got his own cake (not Kyler safe!) and had fun playing with his brothers. We will celebrate again, when he decides on his b-day party! Here are some things to remember about this past year . . . Jayden finished his kindergarten year, complete with a graduation celebration. He became an excellent swimmer this summer and can swim like a fish. Jayden is in to anything science. He loves, bugs and sea life and reptiles and dinosours and loves to get books on them. He still wants his hair to "sweep" across his forehead. He knows EVERYBODY, everywhere he goes - at the condo he knows all the kids and jumps right in and plays with even the older boys. He knows everyone at his school from the janitor to the cafeteria ladies and will carry on a conversation with them, whether they want to or not. As we leave the school, he will say bye to kids from K-2nd grade by name. He is such a little politician. There are times when I have to say, "Jayden, just be quiet for 2 minutes!" He is such a cute little buddle of energy! This year was his first year to play basketball, and he really liked it. He had his tonsils taken out at the beginning of the school year. He can be so nurturing to his little brothers and then be the one that helps toughen them up. He is doing very well in school -- academically that is -- AND has made so much improvement with his behavior. It has been a great year and he is growing so fast! Happy Birthday Jayden!

My little Sweethearts!

Valentines celebration began on Friday with Jayden's school party. Kyler and I joined in on the 1st grade fun with him. Jayden was so sweet to Kyler and pulled him a chair up next to his and gave him all his Kyler safe candy. Kyler got some Valentines treats from his babysitter Amy and Kellye even stopped by and brought him and Evan some candy. On Valentines morning we had the annual Sweetheart banquet - the boys decided on a breakfast banquet - because they didn't want to wait until dinner to get their Valentine treats. We had heart shaped pancakes, Veggie egg surprise (as Jayden calls it), biscuits and jelly, and sausage and bacon. The boys each got "love bugs" and their favorite candy.

A new kind of Playground

Since our yard is now filled with over turned trees and branches gallore. . . the boys have made a new obsticle course out of the tree that fell on the trampoline. Kyler scoots right up it and bails off - Jayden however, gets a little skiddish about mid way up the tree and holds up progress! But, they both like the swinging down onto the trampoline part!

Jumping Ship for LA (Lower Arkansas)

By Friday (that would be 4 days without electricity) the boys and I had all the "camping" we could stand - so we headed for LA and warmer weather. That morning around 6 am as we all layed shivering in our beds we decided we had enough! Packing consisted of dumping the dirty clothes baskets in the car and grabbing some diapers. Poor Kerry had to stick it out, Breaux's had electricity and he had some Acme stuff to take care of. By the time the boys and I(and CoCo) hit Ft. Smith there were no signs of an ice storm! And Arkadelphia was clear and warm. They boys played outside most of the time and Mom cooked breakfast, lunch and dinner for us -- not a bad deal! Kara and boys (and Pam and Richard) came over one afternoon for some playing. By Monday we headed back, still no electricity, but Jayden had school, so we stayed at the lake house until our electricity came back on (Wednesday).

And down came the ICE!

I am writing this in retrospect... Yes, it has taken me this long to get back on track after the mess of the ice storm! The weather reports predicted that it was coming, but you know how that goes - how often are they right? Well, they were right this time! Schools let out at noon on Monday, even though nothing was really happening yet, by that evening the ice was coming down, and it just kept on coming! On Tuesday morning around 10:00 (right after I had a shower, washed, dryed and rolled my hair) the electricity went out! We spent most of the day pinned to the window watching as trees cracked and popped to the ground. That night was the scariest because all we could hear were crashes as trees and limbs fell all around us! On Wednesday we woke up to find tree after tree uprooted or knocked down. Not to mention that we were freezing! Here are some points to remember. . .

1) Kerry went and got the shrimp boiler (gas powered) from Breaux's to boil water for baths with. The boys all took hot baths and smelled like boiled shrimp! I, however, did not like the idea of smelling like a shrimp - so I just did without!

2) The only place with electricty to eat was the 1 stop - a gas station in Farmington, where everyone knows your name! Mr. Bobby cooked us up some eggs and bacon and even heated some of Kyler's pancakes up for him! As soon as we would wake, we would layer on some clothes and head out the door for the 1 stop!

3) Going somewhere in the car was like a vacation-- heat and a dvd player!

4) CoCo quickly learned the warmest spot in the house was by the Mr. Buddy heater and that is where you could find her most of the time.

5) On Thursday the Bunches got electricty and let us come over and take showers! Yeah!

6) We brought the boys mattresses in our room and kept the "Mr. Buddy" going so we could all stay semi-warm at night.

It seems so long ago now, but at the time it was quit the adventure and something we will not soon forget! I still have great appreciation for the simple things - lights, heat, showers, etc! I know that for years to come we will say, "remember the ice storm of 2009. . . "

Kyler's Birthday Party

On Sunday, January we celebrated Kyler's birthday with a party at Chuck E. Cheese in Rogers. CiCi, Pop, Auntie M and Uncle James-Alan were all there to celebrate with us. The boys all had a great time. Kyler got to eat birthday cake (again) and open presents! He was so funny opening his presents - he just loves superheros! He would just look in amazement at the packages and once he opened his presents he was done playing, he just wanted to check them all out!