Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Coolest Cousins

The boys got to meet their newest girl cousin!  They even wore pink for her (with a touch of camo!). Since we tend to be germy here lately - we had them move her to the nursery so the boys could look through the glass.

 They each had their ipad minis and phones to take pictures of her.
Some Quotes from Pittsboys about their new cousin:

"Are they sure its a girl, it COULD be a boy"  Evan James Pitts

"I wonder if I could take her to school .  . . girls in my grade really like babies"  Kyler Dell Pitts (already seeing Avery's chick magnet potential)

"Are human babies like baby hamsters that can't open their eyes for a while?" Jayden Phillip Pitts

These boys were super anxious on her birthday - calling and texting me like crazy to check on their Auntie M and see if that baby was here yet!  I think they are already pretty cool cousins!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Avery Anne Johnson!

 Welcome Avery! 8 pounds 11 oz, 22 inches of pure cuteness! She created quite the build-up for her arrival.
 Lots of waiting!  I think she kinda liked it in that belly!

New Daddy scrubbed up and ready!
 Our first glimpse of those cute little cheeks!
 She's so talented - she already knows how to blow spit bubbles.  The boys are gonna love this!
 She is just perfection!  Miranda was a champ!  Her C-section recovery is making me look like a weenie!  I can't wait to get back up there and see her agian!
Don't you just wanna kiss those little toesies?!! 

A Night with the 3rd Grade Wild Bunch!

What better way to celebrate 9 than with 8 of your closest friends and 2 brothers for a sleep over!
 Bonfire, Pizza, loads of junk food, pinata bust, indoor laser tag, movies, giggling and lots of fun!

I think they all had fun and I know Kyler enjoyed his celebration!  They actually got some sleep too!  Kerry would go in the living room and tell them to quiet down over the Kareoke machine microphone . .  and add in a few jokes and commentary (you know he just LOVES a mic!).  It was funfilled and exhausting!  It was mentioned that we should do this EVERY Friday night . . .  I'm giving that a big fat, NO!  Once a year is enough fun for me!  Happy Birthday Kyler!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awaiting Avery Anne

I sit here, updating blog with phone at my side - eagerly awaiting THE call! Just under a week til her due date we are ready  . . and I'm pretty sure Auntie M is ready too!
Does she know she has 3 of the coolest cousins awating her arrival???  I can't wait to meet her!

Bye Bye Christmas Break... Hello Schedule!

Let's face it, Christmas Break rocks!  I mean - you get a bunch of new stuff, sleep late, stay up late and when you get stir crazy - you get to go do fun stuff . . .  returning to school was a rude awakening for the Pitt's boys - but a welcome return to schedules for this Momma!
 About to embark on some sledding adventures!

Kyler, Evan and I  had dinner and bowling with CiCi and Pop-- while Kerry and Jayden got in a Hog game with Luke and Chris.
 Dinner at Rue Orleans

Jayden, Luke and PorkChop
 A mini safarie with Pop and CiCi!
 The tigers were hungry!  We got to see them feed this time!

Bye Bye Christmas Break . .  oh how we love the!  Hello Spring Semester!

Happy New Year 2013

A quiet night home . . .  NEH!! We headed to Embassy Suites for some pool action, room service and jumbo juice to ring in the New Year!                                          -

 I don't know how many of these Jumbo Juices the boys had - we had to keep going to the bar- Evan said they made him act wild :) -- loaded with sugar no doubt!

Happy New Year - It's gonna be a great year!  

Happy Birthday Kyler Dell!

This boy is NINE!!!  What better way to start off a special day than Waffle House with the Pitts Men!
 Then Lunch at Red Lobster!
 Then of course some cake that evening!  He may eat his way to 10!
Nothing like some SNOW on your birthday!  Since we got jipped on the Christmas snow this was pretty exciting!
What a great kiddo!  He spent his day eating and shopping -- of course he had some birthday shopping to do!  I mean, Leggo Chima sets went on the shelf on this day! He's still our sweetie pie and the Magnificant Middle boy!  A bunkin' birthday party is in his future to celebrate with his friends!