Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making the News

As a follow up to the "Dear Santa . . " blog I would like to announce that the boys made the news! No pictures of our sweater matching brothers, but a nice little blurb on them. This is what it said about them in the NWA Living section of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette on Sunday, December 14, 2008:

"Some come prepared. Brothers Jayden, 6, Kyler, 4, and Evan Pitts, 2, arrive in matching red argyle sweaters. Jayden and Kyler have brought lists with them, although Kyler's is so scribbled and doodled on with crayons that it's hard to make out exactly what he wants.

Jayden, however, has made his choices clear. He'd like an attack helicopter toy, a LEGO set, maybe even a microscope. Santa files them away with others just like it in a box in fromt of him.

As the older two boys tell Santa what they want, Santa pulls Evan's hand away from the boy's face so it doesn't look like he's picking his nose in the photo.

The photo done, Santa is onto another group, another request."

How cute is that?! Jayden took a copy of the paper to his teacher and she read the article to his class. He loves being "famous"! I would also like to say that Kyler did not scribble and doodle on his list - that guy doesn't know true art when he sees it -- he neatly colored the background green for effect! And of course our Evan was NOT trying to pick his nose!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa. . .

What little angels we have. . . how wonderful they have been all day, as they prepare to see Santa tonight. They finalized their lists and colored them just right, they even wore their "stupid sweaters" as Jayden calls them. I got them to each pose in front of the tree with their lists, they stood perfectly in line, and even left the mall without any meltdowns. (Just for the record I would like to say: 3 kids, no stroller, in a mall ---- yes I am brave!) However, note to self and all other parents: wait and take your little angels to see santa on CHRISTMAS EVE, because they became devil children once we got home! I guess they figured that since they had seen Santa and given their list, they were in the clear. I told them several times tonight that they still have to be good and Kyler said, "we weren't good last year and he still brought us stuff". I told them they just got lucky - or as Kyler said last year "I think Santa got mixed up".

While seeing Santa, the boys were interviewed by the newspaper and they took pictures and asked us for names and ages - so we might be in the paper Sunday! Good thing they were being little angels!

Cookies for Santa: Practice Run

The boys and I practiced making cookies for Santa the other night. Kyler was a little disappointed because he wanted to make spiderman cookies. Considering that I have trouble decorating a star, I think creating spiderman out of dough and icing would be out of the question! Our stars turned out just great and I think Santa will be impressed! Evan just wanted to eat the icing.

Oh Christmas Tree!

We searched high and low for a true Christmas tree farm, but believe it or not there are none to be found in Northwest Arkansas! Where is a Hunter's Tree Farm when you need it? We settled for "Wisconsin Trees" by Gator Golf! The boys found the perfect tree and we hauled it home for decorating. It was a multiple day event, but now it is complete. I wonder when the day will come that I can actually place nicely wrapped gifts under my tree? Not this year - I attempted to place gifts to others (not for the boys) last year, however they mysteriously were unwrapped! So, for now our tree is completely bare at the bottom and will be for the next few years, until I can trust my little rug rats not to open them!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Fire Station Fieldtrip

Kyler and I met up with Jayden's class for their fieldtrip to the firestation in Fayetteville. Since this was a work day for me, Kellye ( babysitter) was home with Kyler and Evan. We didn't want Evan to get upset (he wants to "go" anytime somebody leaves the house!) so, Kyler had to sneak out his bedroom window and run to the car when I came to pick him up - he thought that was pretty cool! Jayden is always so proud of his brother when we come to classroom functions. It always cracks me up and shocks me because he will hug Kyler and introduce him to all his friends and "teach" him how to do like the other students in the class. Kyler was really good, I did, however catch him sticking his finger in another kids ear once - but had him put his hands in his pockets! They got to get in the fire truck, see where they sleep and watch them slide down the pole.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Tour de Arkansas

The short version: Fayetteville to Arkadelphia to Sheridan to Carlisle to Arkadelphia to Fayetteville!

The long version: The boys and I left Fayetteville on Monday after I got off work. We looked like we were moving! On Tuesday we had planned on meeting up with Kara and boys for some hiking and fun, but Jayden was running a fever and saying his throat hurt. We thought he might have strep (or as Jayden calls it "strek"). We didn't want to chance passing it on to the Oosterhous boys, so we reluctantly cancelled. On Wednsday Jayden was feeling better, so the boys played in Arkadelphia until time to leave for Sheridan. We spent Wednesday afternoon meeting bulls, goats and cows! Oh - and "Fluff" and "Girlfriend"- the boys new pups that they took over during their stay. I realized how much the boys needed a little farm time when I told Evan to feed the goat and he kept feeding the dog! (guess we need to teach him the difference!) By Thursday morning Kerry had joined us and Jayden was ready to go hunting! By now the little virus had spread to Kyler - so he spent much of the day laying on the couch with fever and sore throat. Kerry and Jayden left on their (short) hunting expidetion and as Jayden says, "I got nothin!" But he did enjoy exploring the woods. After a Thanksgiving lunch we headed to Carlisle. The boys got see Morgan and Madison which they were very excited about. Back to the virus -- it has now hit Evan, but Kyler is feeling better. On Friday the boys rode their bikes and went to the park and we all ate some Nick's. That evening the boys and I packed up again and headed back to Arkadelphia. Mim and Uncle Mike were there when we got there. On Saturday the boys "helped" Pop build a tree house and got to see Molly and Matthew. All the boys waded through the creek (yes, it was cold!). Auntie M and James-Alan joined the crew that night and we had a Thanksgiving feast for Dinner. Kyler slept through it (again - not feeling good). By that night, with our bellys full, the boys had a job for James-Alan - to put together a rollercoaster. Well, it took most of the night and the boys stayed up til almost 11 o'clock (except for Evan.) The boys finished up the roller coaster on Sunday morning. We headed back to Fayetteville on Sunday around 11. And Guess what -- Once we hit Fort Smith it was SNOWING! What a great way to start the Christmas season!
(I will post more pictures later)

Enjoying Fall

Here are some pictures of the boys just enjoying the fall weather one day after school.

Batman and More!

The older boys spent the night at the Lakehouse (w/CiCi, Pop and Mim) and then Evan and I met up with them and Auntie M/ Uncle James-Alan in Bentonville for the Walmart employee Toy thing (dont' know what the official name is, but it's cool!). The boys did this last year and have been asking about it ever since. Kyler got his picture taken with Batman - Jayden's "not into superheroes". However, he did end up getting his picture taken with a power ranger. Kyler wanted to spend the entire time in the transformer room; we will try to forget his meltdown of the century- complete with crying, bucking and being strapped in the car! All in all in was great fun and the boys got lots of ideas for Santa!