Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter Celebration 2017

 SON-rise Service on Sombrero Beach  . .  the perfect sanctuary for an Easter Celebration is definitely watching the sunrise over the ocean!  It was the perfect combination of familiar Easter Hymns and Gods beauty!  I am proud of my boys for being early risers on this Easter Sunday!
We spent Saturday doing our usual Easter Preps  . .  Bunny Cake and Egg dying.  We attempted the Marathon Community Egg Hunt, however, apparently "Island Time" doesn't apply to egg hunts - because we walked in at 10:04 and kids were walking out with baskets of eggs . .  4 minutes . . really?!  And of Course, there was no talking them into a picture with the Bunny! 
Easter afternoon Egg Hunt.  It was weak ya'll!  We were tired from our sunrise - rising and it just wasn't the same without everyone around . . . next year we are back on for some Egg-lympics and family time!
We even had an Easter Dinner! It was a beautiful day for celebrating our Risen Lord!  Happy Easter!

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